Choosing RENOLIT GORCELL gives you the possibility to choose a huge variety of different functional and aestetical surface materials. Depending on your needs we will customize the best combination of core size and surface material for you. Contact us! 

    Axel Kulke Sales Director RENOLIT COMPOSITES


    The Product

    RENOLIT GORCELL is a honeycomb sandwich which combines composite skins with a hexagonal honeycomb structure. 

    The honeycomb core can be combined with surface materials of various kinds:

    •    high impact film
    •    decorative films
    •    scratch protector
    •    non-woven materials
    •    fabrics 
    •    other special layers


    Core Thickness: 5, 10, 15 or 20 mm


    •    Especially lightweight: specific weight of the honeycomb core of 60-100 kg/m³
    •    Easy formable
    •    Environmentally friendly: the entire sandwich construction is 100% recyclable
    •    Extremely durable
    •    High compressive resistance
    •    Highly stable
    •    High thermal and chemical resistance
    •    High stiffness
    •    Versatile: a modular system offers ideal technical and
    •    commercial solutions
    •    Cost-efficient: production utilizes a conservative usage of resources
    •    which equates to lower costs
    •    Water- & weather-resistant
    •    Humidity & fungi resistant

    Produced using ECONCORE technology.