Company Profile

    High-quality plastic films and products are our passion

    RENOLIT is renowned worldwide for its technical excellence, modern product design and cooperative service: our products refine surfaces, seal, protect, stabilise and offer many other advantages. As an international, independent family-owned company, reliable business partner and employer, our ultimate goal is to ensure the company’s long-term success. With decorative, high-quality and sustainable plastic products, we create clear added value for our customers and improve the quality of life for many people.  

    Brand Values

    Cooperative, innovative, high-quality, open-minded, reliable

    These five brand values are the foundation of the RENOLIT Group. They define our aspirations, shape our corporate culture and make a promise to our customers every day. RENOLIT stands for a reliable partnership – because each of our values represents a practical benefit for our customers.

    Successful together

    Partnership for success: We treat our customers and partners with respect and trust. We develop sustainable products and services for our customers competently and based on their needs.

    New impulses

    Always one idea ahead: All of our employees are actively involved in our open culture of innovation and together we develop workable and attractive innovation for the future.

    That special something

    A high-quality range of products for the most sophisticated requirements: Over 70 years of expert knowledge goes into RENOLIT products – pure quality that benefits you and your products. 

    Limitless possibilities

    Around the globe: With our international focus and with over 4,700 employees in over 30 locations around the world, we are always close to our customers.

    Built on reliability

    The foundation of our successful partnerships: Integrity and commitment have shaped our approach for over 70 years so our customers can rely on RENOLIT products and services.

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    Quality management

    Controlled quality from the start

    The market constantly places new demands on the quality of our products and services. This is why we are continuously optimising our processes, as well as our cooperation with our customers and partners. For RENOLIT quality extends from the product idea through to product disposal. RENOLIT’s DIN EN ISO 9001:2015-certified quality management system guarantees adherence to the strictest testing criteria for raw material input, process and final inspection, and ensures a consistently high level of quality in series production

    Supply partners

    We expect our supply partners to make the RENOLIT quality objectives their own in order to ensure RENOLIT quality standards. We work closely with our partners and involve them in the development and quality planning process early on to ensure error-free production and reliable delivery.

    Physical checks

    We regularly check the quality of our products. For example, by comparing with the original specifications, we ensure continuous high quality in the colour, surface gloss, embossing and dimensions. After several in-depth tests using different methods and approvals, the film is customised, assembled, packaged and shipped after production.

    Energy management

    Lots of attention paid to low consumption

    We attribute great importance to lean processes and low energy costs. All RENOLIT locations in Germany and abroad are ISO-certified. We discuss views on current energy topics regularly and train our employees to implement energy management as a fixture of their day-to-day work and to continuously improve our processes.

    ISO certification as a guarantee of consistently high quality

    Environmental policy

    Active engagement

    At RENOLIT, we value the continuous improvement of environmental protection measures. We supplement legal requirements in some areas with voluntary further-reaching efforts. Whenever possible, we reduce our raw material and energy consumption, optimise the entire product life cycle and check new products and processes for their environmental impact as early as the planning phase. We maintain anopen dialogue with our business partners and the authorities concerning this matter. We implement precautionary measures to minimise environmental impact and review our environmental awareness regularly using our internal environmental management system. Jurisdictions and responsibilities are regulated and communicated internally and externally. 

    Energy policy

    Energy policy at all levels

    The conscious use of energy is a fixture of our day-to-day work. In this way we strive to efficiently implement energy-optimising measures at all our locations. RENOLIT participates in projects to conserve scarce resources. We also avoid energy losses and reduce costs by optimising our processes. 

    Energy policy guidelines at the plant level

    The plant:

    • analyses the necessary energy requirements for the manufacturing processes and associated areas
    • from this analysis, carries out meaningful measures to reduce consumption
    • breaks new ground in energy conversion and energy recycling, and makes good use of alternative technologies
    • introduces a certified management system on a case-by-case basis (e.g. DIN EN ISO 50001)

    The objective of our energy policy

    The implementation of the RENOLIT energy policy is managed by the plants, coordinated by the Corporate Engineering department and supported by the company-wide Energy Management System (EMS). Following the principle of “learning from the best”, we examine processes in detail, eliminate weakness and emulate the best to achieve further savings potentials.

    Best practice solutions are rolled out company-wide by the Corporate Engineering department, while plants implement individual measures as appropriate. Using this method, we achieved an energy saving of 16 percent in specific energy consumption in the years 2010 to 2013. Based on projected framework conditions, the RENOLIT SE Executive Board set itself the target of reducing specific energy consumption within the RENOLIT Group by a further 10 percent by the end of 2020. In order to achieve this goal we allocate up to 8 percent of the annual investment sum to energy-saving measures.

    Up to 8% of annual investment goes into energy-saving measures