Dialyse applications

    For a haemodialysis treatment, the patient has to visit the clinic several times per week.

    For high efficiency and ultra-filtration treatments, sterile substitution solutions based on sodium bicarbonate are used often.

    Highly concentrated dialysis solutions can be stored in multicompartment bags with peelable seal.


    The large volumes of sterile solutions needed for renal intensive care treatment (RIC, CRRT) are available in 2-chamber bags with peelable seal.

    Made from polypropylene RENOLIT INFUFLEX films showing excellent peelable seal characteristics, even after steam sterilization at 121 °C, a high flexibility and transparency and a resistance to high pH solutions.

    A special film with oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier is available; used for sodium bicarbonate solutions.

    All these specialty bags can be manufactured from a range of RENOLIT films, depending on the customer’s choice:

    • RENOLIT MEDIPAK: tubular PVC film for sterile solution packaging
    • RENOLIT MEDIPAK Alka: tubular PVC film for the packaging of sterile sodium bicarbonate solutions and other solutions with a pH > 7
    • RENOLIT  MEDIFLEX and RENOLIT Infuflex: tubular and  flat polyolefin film, flexible and transparent. Also available with oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier.
    • RENOLIT  TUBEFLEX: polyolefin tubing for use with RENOLIT MEDIFLEX and RENOLIT Infuflex

    Peritoneal dialysis bags

    The applications of RENOLIT Healthcare products in peritoneal dialysis are even more diverse.

    In peritoneal dialysis treatments, the peritoneal cavity of the patient is being used to act as dialyzing membrane.

    Usually being applied as a home therapy, the patient can enjoy a relatively high freedom of movement without the need for frequent visits to the clinic or hospital.

    Complete CAPD single and double bag systems can be made from RENOLIT Healthcare products, both in polyolefin and in PVC materials.

    Multicompartment bags can be made with frangible pin separation or steam sterilizable peelable seal.

    RENOLIT Healthcare materials are suitable for the traditional lactate based CAPD solutions and also for the next generation sodium bicarbonate solutions and specialty glucose or amino acids solutions.

    The high quality of RENOLIT Healthcare products will help ensure reliable dialysis systems not only today in traditional treatments but also for tomorrow in advanced homecare or wearable devices.

    CAPD Solution Packaging System

    CAPD is continuous ambulatory perioneal dialysis, which is treatment for ESRD (end-stage renal disease) patients.

    The system includes solution bag, drainage bag, tubing and injection components. Manufacturing of all components and assembly takes place under strict clean room conditions. The system is supplied ready for filling and sterilization.

    Elements of CAPD Solution Packaging System

    Polypropylene solution bag

    • The solution bag is manufactured from PP based 3 Layers film and tubing
    • Excellent compatibility with the CAPD solution
    • Autoclave: up to 121 ºC, 30min (Steam or hot water)
    • Excellent fitting properties for PP and PC connectors

    Break-off valve

    • Suitable break off strength because of the innovative structure design
    • Excellent drug compatibility
    • Autoclave: up to 121 ºC, 30min (Steam or hot water)
    • No adhesive solvent needed for assembly of the tubing

    PVC drainage bag and PVC connection tubing

    • Autoclave: up to 121 ºC, 30min (Steam or hot water)
    • High clarity of the drain bag to enable inspection of the drained solution

    Peal seal over pouch

    • Convenience using by peelable opening
    • No fiber and particle contamination when opening
    • Autoclave: up to 121 ºC, 30min (Steam or hot water) 

    Unique selling points

    First choice for materials for dialyse applications

    • Primary and secondary packaging films
    • Multi-chamber CRRT/RIC solutions; highest reliability in peelable seal performance and drop test resistance
    • International registration support
    • CAPD sets and components

    Our product folio

    • RENOLIT MF518
    • CAPD set
    • CAPD frangible port
    • CAPD connector

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