Shaping the future of RENOLIT through innovation

    Growth through innovation is a fundamental component of the corporate strategy of RENOLIT. Therefore "innovation" is one of the company's core values.

    To grow as a pioneer of innovative polymer solutions, RENOLIT has established it's innovation ecosystem RENNOVA which is run by the company's stratgic innovation unit. It's mission is to continuously improve the organization’s innovation capabilities by fostering internal innovation and expanding external collaboration.

    What does „Innovation“ mean to us?

    Innovation is the art of successfully introducing new products, services, processes or business models with a clear benefit for our customers.

    At RENOLIT, decision-making and innovation scouting is always evaluated from customer's point of view. As opposed to a service or product view, we therefore focus our innovation processes and targets towards our customer's needs, satisfaction and feedback. With this customer-centric innovation approach we aim to actively and collaboratively create better products and services with a clear added value.

    Strategic Innovation Fields
    RENNOVA - Innovation Ecosystem of RENOLIT

    What drives us: Our Culture of Innovation



    RENNOVA is RENOLIT's innovation community and ecosystem that fosters innovative opportunities at an early stage, scales them to sustainable businesses and that aims to build a collaborative innovation network with pioneering companies and startups. RENNOVA is fueled by the following five key activites:

    Our success stories and innovation news

    RENNOVA is empowering every RENOLIT employee and unit to drive innovation. Here you can learn more about some of our successfully completed innovation projects.


    Corrosion protection film for reliabale and long-term protection of onshore wind towers enabling faster repairs and lower maintenance costs. Faster and safer appli-cation than conventional coating, since free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).


    Scratch- and abrasion-resistant decorative films with a corundum-containing top layer, which makes the surface slip-resistant and provides the necessary safety against slipping. Gives terraces, balconies and other outdoor coverings a technically sophisticated and decoratively high-quality character.


    Multi-layer award-winning film to refresh the appearance of a building quickly and cost efficiently available in many designs. The lotus effect of the film saves building owners high cleaning costs. The lower cleaning effort can reduce maintenance time by up to 75%.

    Are you interested in collaborating with us?

    One of RENNOVA's main goals has always been to focus on collaboration, because only together we can find and develop the solutions of the future. In the past we have always fostered exchanges and collaborations with startups, pioneering companies and universities which has resulted in various forms of joint success. We are looking forward to connect with you and to discover what our joint potential brings!

    Alone we go fast, together we go further.

    Our collaboration partners


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