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    Predicting the trends of tomorrow is decisive for a product’s success when it hits the market. To ensure you keep up with rapid changes in style, RENOLIT offers you its Trendservice Colour Road. By working closely with colour designers and trend institutes around the world, our trend experts keep close tabs on global developments, allowing them to define the top future colour codes for use in the most diverse range of application areas. Trendservice Colour Road is your reliable navigation instrument for ensuring that you always stay one step ahead, giving you a decisive advantage over the competition.

    Colour Road 2023/24 - Contribute to a world in peace

    Peace has always been one of the greatest values for humankind, and it is more important than ever in our troubled times.

    The meaning of peace as the opposite of war or discord is obvious, but there is also the inner peace we find within ourselves and we have to "work out" with ourselves. Peace can be our peaceful interaction with the environment and nature. Social peace is also an important basis for adequate social coexistence and fair structures in our living environment. All this requires conscious decisions. For the balance of body, mind and soul against inner conflicts or dependence. For a sustainable use of our natural resources against uncontrolled exploitation and excessive consumption. For solidarity and mediation against exclusion and division. 

    Trend movies

    Uncertainty and change have become our permanent companions. It is a challenge to keep our balance and find our own contentment. Only those who are at peace with themselves, who are aware of themselves and their strengths can meet others in the same way. Petra Löckher explains how yoga helps her take time out in her everyday life to fill up on new energy.

    Individuality and self-expression have strongly shaped our Western society. But we feel that something making us human is in danger of being lost: the sense of community. The knowledge that we are more than the sum of individual parts. And that we can draw great satisfaction and strength from that. We feel that solidarity and connectedness are what make us evolve as humanity. Whether in families, in small villages or in larger global contexts. Find out in the interview with Ludwig Blüm what he personally associates with contentment and how it strengthens the sense of community.

    Crises are teaching us that we cannot go on like this and that we need to fundamentally change our attitudes to many things, but especially our behaviour, in order to preserve our planet and our future. We chose this truth as the starting point for our third trend theme, which deals with aspects of a better and healthier environment. Leslie Schnee shows us why he has brought more contentment into his life through Planet Tree.

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    • Trend research
    • Development of trend concepts, colour palettes and trend materials
    • Worldwide trend presentations
    • Individual trend consulting
    • Advice on the design of exhibition spaces & trade fair concepts
    • Suggestions for trendy colour and decor combinations
    • Reports on the most important design fairs


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