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    Corrosion protection solution

    RENOLIT CP - Long-Term Corrosion Protection for Wind Turbines

    • Everybody knows the motto “Time is Money”? This is especially true in the wind energy industry. Every defect, every repair which results in the wind turbine being temporarily decommissioned costs money. 
    • The environmental factors and dynamic loads can cause damage to the tower and/or to the connection between the tower and the foundation. 
    • RENOLIT CP corrosion protection film offers reliable and long-term protection for steel and metal coatings on wind turbine towers. 
    • The new coating concept with ISO 12944-9 CX certification enables faster and more flexible repairs, as well as being environmentally friendly and durable.
    • CX corresponds to the highest corrosion category. This also applies to structures of steel and metal coatings in industrial applications which are in high-humidity locations, and thus exposed to particularly aggressive ambient conditions.

    Sustainability is our focus

    Application project: The RENOLIT CP corrosion protection film has proven itself once again

    The RENOLIT CP high-performance film has once again proven itself in a practical project: Repair work was planned for two wind turbine towers at a wind farm near Hannover, Germany. Severe corrosion on the flange areas and weld seams had brought the experts from WP Energy to the field: they applied around 45 square meters of the protective film, thus renewing the legal corrosion protection requirement for wind turbines.

    First pilot project - RENOLIT CP corrosion protection film has been in practical test since 2020

    Around 33 square meters of RENOLIT CP were applied on two wind turbines of a well-known manufacturer near Cologne (Germany). We are inspecting the coated wind turbines on a certain routine and will provide you with the most up-to-date results.

    Have a look at the video to see the on-site application process and practical experience sharing from our colleagues!

    Benefits and Functions of RENOLIT CP Corrosion Protection Film

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    Low maintenance

    Thanks to the 10-year durability, corrosion maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum. Say goodbye to having to fix corrosion damage that you just fixed 1 or 2 years ago.

    Minimum downtime

    The quick application, low maintenance and high durability of the film allow wind turbines to stay in operation longer. Bonus: Service technician costs, typically calculated on an hourly basis, are lower as a result.

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    Fewer application steps

    The coating process only requires a few steps: After cleaning the surface and applying the primer, next step is to apply the film when the primer dries.

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    Ease of repairs planning

    Due to the 2-layer application of the film and the low dependence on weather conditions, repairs can be planned flexibly.

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    Constant film thickness

    The film has a constant thickness of 160 µm (microns) and thus offers a smooth and very even surface.

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    Environmentally friendly

    When applying the film, neither volatile organic compounds (VOC) nor problematic waste are produced. This eliminates hazards to people and the environment as well as health risks.

    RENOLIT CP easy and fast application process

    Click to see how to apply the film in under 4 minutes. 

    Its adhesion is optimal on vertical surfaces (+/- 10°) and on 90° angles as well.

    RENOLIT CP technical information

    • Material: PVC 
    • The thickness of the film is 160 microns; together with the adhesive 230 microns 
    • The film is manufactured in standard RAL 7035 color (light grey). Other colors can be supplied upon request
    • UV resistant (ISO 4892-2) 
    • Usage temperature: -30 to 70°C 
    • The film is flexible and can be easily applied on difficult geometries
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