Active responsibility

    We are not only a leading international manufacturer of high-quality plastic films and other plastic products, but also an employer with a global and local responsibility. In both our global locations and our headquarters in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, society and RENOLIT employees, and actively participate in various initiatives to ensure our competitiveness, sustainability and future viability. 

    We see our responsibility as reaching across generations, not just financial quarters


    Committed to sustainable development

    We feel a special commitment to sustainability and responsible action is firmly integrated into our corporate culture. Our understanding of sustainability extends holistically to the three dimensions of ecology, economy and social issues.

    Our annual sustainability report provides information on our activities and progress in the past financial year.

    In addition, we have been publishing a sustainability magazine since 2018, which compactly shows how RENOLIT lives its responsibility. Selected key figures combined with illustrative highlight projects make the topic of sustainability a tangible experience.

    „We deliver sustainable and innovative polymer solutions“

    RENOLIT Group Mission Statement

    RENOLIT Goes Circular – our path to the circular economy

    As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic films and related products, we are facing up to our responsibilities too: with our commitment to a more circular economy, we are helping to continue to preserve the foundations and quality of life for current and future generations on Earth. You can find out exactly what this means here.

    Our commitment to greater sustainability is anchored in our corporate strategy ONE RENOLIT 2025 and set out in the mission statement of the RENOLIT Group. As a member of the "Circular Plastics Alliance", or CPA for short, we voluntarily committed ourselves in 2020 to defining and successively implementing measures that are intended to contribute to greater sustainability till 2025 by, among other things, increasing the amount of recycled plastic, thus actively contributing to the achievement of the CPA's goals.

    For more information on the voluntary pledge, click here:



    VINYPLUS and VINYLPLUS Deutschland e.V. Committed to PVC

    VinylPlus is a voluntary commitment by the European PVC industry for sustainable production and use of PVC plastic. The programme creates a long-term framework for the sustainable development of the PVC industry by addressing a number of critical challenges.

    The commitment, which focuses on accelerating the transition to a circular economy, sustainable production and decarbonisation of the value chain, as well as engaging civil society and NGOs, will apply in the EU-27 plus Norway, Switzerland and the UK.

    Thus, the VinylPlus 2030 commitment is based on three pathways:

    1. Expanding the circular economy in the PVC value chain.
    2. Progress towards carbon neutrality and minimising our environmental footprint.
    3. Building global alliances and partnerships for the SDGs.

    Among others, the target is set to increase PVC recycling to 900,000 tonnes annually by 2025 and one million tonnes annually by 2030.

    We see the voluntary commitment as key to the sustainable development of the PVC industry - as a founding member of the Vinyl Foundation, RENOLIT co-finances the sustainability initiative.

    RENOLIT is also heavily involved in the "VinylPlus Deutschland" (formerly AGPU) community.

    The working group "VinylPlus Deutschland" has the following tasks:

    • As a service partner, it advises member companies on the topics of the environment, sustainable development and consumer protection.
    • It conducts dialogue with decision-makers in politics, business, trade and NGOs (non-governmental organisations).
    • It collects and condenses information from the above-mentioned areas and makes it available to member companies and external decision-makers in a way that is appropriate for the target group.
    • It bundles and represents the interests of the German PVC industry in Germany and in Brussels. The aim is to position PVC properly among decision-makers and thus to strengthen the confidence of the target groups.
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    Circular Plastics Alliance

    The Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) is an initiative of the European Commission that aims to promote the circular economy for plastic products in Europe and to recycle and reuse recycled plastic into new products in the EU internal market.

    In September 2019, RENOLIT signed the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration to promote the use of recycled plastics in Europe through voluntary measures. To date, more than 282 associations and companies have joined the CPA, demonstrating their commitment to the circular economy in the plastics industry. The associations and companies have set themselves the goal of incorporating at least 10 million tonnes of recycled plastics into products and packaging in Europe by 2025.

    By signing, we have committed to working with the other signatories, within our own competences and responsibilities, to implement the content of the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration.

    We are also involved in the following associations and initiatives:

    Human rights

    Human rights always in our focus

    As an internationally active company, we are aware of our responsibility with regard to the observance of human rights  - both in our own company and in our business relationships. How RENOLIT fulfils its due diligence and what measures are taken to further protect human rights is shown in the following Policy Statement on Human Rights signed by the Executive Board. 

    Metropolitan region

    Rhein-Neckar metropolitan region

    RENOLIT has over 30 locations around the world, but the roots of our company and our headquarters are in Worms. Together with the Frankenthal location, more than a quarter of our more than 4,700 employees work in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, a centre of innovation in Europe and an economic powerhouse. A rich cultural scene, first-class sports and impressive nature characterise the Rhein-Neckar region, as do its attractive jobs in business, research and teaching. RENOLIT is involved in numerous projects and is a member of the Zukunft Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar e.V.