Civil Engineering

    Your tailor made geomembranes

    For more than 35 years, RENOLIT has developed waterproofing solutions for all types of Civil Engineering works, pioneering some applications that are mainstream today, and positioning our ALKORPLAN geomembranes as a global reference in terms of quality and reliability. Thanks to the synergies with other divisions of RENOLIT Group, our plants incorporate the most advanced and varied manufacturing technologies, allowing us to design and propose the ideal solution for each project. Our production and organizational capacities, together with our technical support and personalized attention, ensure the maximum satisfaction of our clients and partners.

    Our activity in the field of civil works is divided into two large families:


    Hydraulic Works

    This family comprises all waterproofing jobs where there is a need of keeping a liquid inside an asset. That involves many different applications, but there are some common needs in most of the projects, such as watertightness, adaptation to the substrate geometry, puncture resistance, durability, ease of installation, etc. Our ALKORPLAN PVC-P geomembranes have excellent properties to overcome all these needs and many others.
    Check out below the standard uses of our membranes and, if you are looking for a different application, get in touch and let’s work together to find a solution!

    Underground Works

    Modern infrastructures are designed to deliver a service life in excess of 100 years. To achieve that objective, underground structures shall be protected from the effects of groundwater. RENOLIT manufactures and markets a complete range of PVC-P geomembranes to waterproof all sort of buried structures. Our ALKORPLAN range holds the most prestigious and demanding certifications, but most importantly, experience has shown they keep tunnels and basements dry even in the most demanding conditions.

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