Our Brand Promise

    Reliable in every aspect

    The value "reliability" is the core of the RENOLIT brand, which stands for excellent business relations with our customers and partners as well as for the cooperative collaboration of our employees. 

    The company’s economic strength and financial stability gives customers and partners the security of knowing that they can count on us for long-term planning.

    Reliability is also experienced by our employees. They know exactly the opportunities and challenges of our customers' industries. They therefore benefit from our expertise at all times. Innovative products, forward-looking advice and services not only make business easier for our customers, but also help them to gain a competitive edge.

    Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual respect, trust and commitment. Everyone who works with RENOLIT can also rely on this. 

    All these company characteristics have a noticeable effect on the quality of our products and services. They are reflected in properties such as durability, sustainability, colour fastness, weather resistance, innovative power, availability and customer proximity. The RENOLIT quality is confirmed by comprehensive guarantee promises, long-term availability of decors, trend advice, repair, and maintenance services and much more.


    The reassurance of a reliable partner

    Whatever your requirements – we are committed to help you. Integrity and dependability have been the cornerstones of our business for over 75 years. Our products and services can always be relied on, we are mindful that we share a responsibility for our customers’ products.

    Reliability – our philosophy, added value for our partners.


    The certainty of a successful partnership

    Whatever you have planned – we are at your side. Our customer relationships are based on the utmost respect and mutual trust. We help you attain your objectives with competent advice, products and services designed to offer maximum customer benefits.

    Cooperation – our philosophy, added value for our partners.


    The strength of a global enterprise

    Wherever you are - we are there too. With over 4,800 employees and more than 30 production sites and sales units around the world. We think beyond boundaries with an international, market-orientated approach and openness to new ideas and opportunities.

    Open-minded – our philosophy, added value for our partners.

    High quality

    The commitment to quality

    No matter what you produce - we provide support with the utmost care. Our products benefit from over 75 years of experience and expert knowledge, which we apply in the best interests of our customers. This approach provides them with the very best quality as the basis for professional results.

    High quality – our philosophy, added value for our partners.

    Innovative Power

    The knowledge that ideas will come to fruition

    Whatever projects you are working on – we have something to offer. We live an open, innovative culture which permits active involvement on the part of all our employees. In joint projects with customers and partners, we develop practical innovations for the future.

    Innovative power – our philosophy, added value for our partners.


    The added value of sustainable value chain


    Whatever your sustainable goals are - we can help you achieve them. Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate culture. We work intensively to increase recycling and reutilization rates, promote resource-saving production processes and are involved in numerous sustainability associations. By acting in a comprehensive and responsible manner, we contribute to a future worth living.

    Sustainability - a value for us, an added value for our business partners.

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    Discover our versatility

    A closer look at our everyday surroundings is enough to reveal the many facets of RENOLIT’s product range. Our high-performance films are used to finish furniture surfaces and window profiles, for example. They also serve to seal roofing and underground structures, as well as swimming pools. Many products for the graphic design and labelling industry are also based on RENOLIT films. We produce films and tubes for medical applications and recyclable composite panels for the construction industry and vehicle interiors. These are just a few examples. Read on to learn how we at RENOLIT are shaping the future with plastic products - and discover the corporate values that guide our actions.