Karsten Jänicke


    Leadership has to provide security

    Managers have the task of leading their employees to success. This depends on many factors. One of the most important is security. I notice over and over again that young people at the start of their career in particular don't have the confidence to contribute their ideas and take risks. That's why I keep asking myself: what can I do as a manager to give my employees more security?

    Sven Behrendt


    Climate savior plastic!

    Climate protection is rightly one of the most important challenges we face worldwide. Many people see plastics as a problem. I see it differently and say: plastics are real climate savers! In this article, I explain what this means in concrete terms.

    Michael Kundel


    India and Germany: Entering a new era

    While Germany is coming under increasing pressure as a business location, India is developing more and more from an emerging country into an economic power. This is a great opportunity for a company like RENOLIT - and a strong prospect for the European economy. Let's take advantage of it! In this article, I will highlight the dawn of a new era of economic cooperation and provide an insight into RENOLIT's goals in India.

    Thomas Sampers


    Leadership: Setting intelligent goals

    As a manager, one of your daily tasks is to set goals for teams and employees. As obvious as this may sound, it is often the realisation of this part of leadership that is lacking. As a member of the Management Board, I have made it my mission to further strengthen the leadership culture at RENOLIT. This article is an impulse for intelligent goal setting.

    Michael Kundel

    Industry Leadership

    Balancing family and career is a question of future viability

    In recent years, family friendliness has become an increasingly important topic in business and politics. And rightly so - because family friendliness is becoming an essential factor for the future viability of companies and the entire business location.

    Michael Kundel

    Industry Polymers Sustainability

    The future of plastics: an outlook

    The world is facing major challenges - and in some cases profound upheavals. What does this mean for the plastics industry - do plastics have a future and, if so, what does it look like?

    In this article, I venture an outlook on upcoming trends and innovations in plastics.

    Karsten Jänicke


    Promoting young talents is an engine for the industry

    The success of German industry is based on the expertise of its many employees. The extreme shortage of skilled workers is consequently an unprecedented threat to the entire economy. Therefore, I am surprised that we in Germany place so little emphasis on promoting young talents. After all, it can act as an engine for industry. To achieve this, however, politics and business need to make more efforts together - instead of just relying on short-term solutions.

    Sven Behrendt


    Climate protection through progress? An impulse

    How can climate protection be implemented effectively? There seem to be two camps in the public debate: Some prefer renunciation and restrictions, others rely on innovation and progress. Which approach is the right one? An impulse from the world of practice.

    Thomas Sampers


    Change requires trust and teamwork

    In a changing world, effective change management is becoming increasingly important for companies and their managers. However, successful transformation processes cannot simply be ordered. They require the right framework conditions, a great deal of trust and teamwork. This is also an ongoing challenge for RENOLIT.