The requirements for the packaging of sterile parenteral nutrition solutions depend largely on the type of solution, sterilization method and specific barrier properties required.

    Many parenteral nutrition solutions are steam sterilized at 121˚C and contain components, such as glucose, lipids and amino acids, which must be stored separately.

    These applications require steam sterilizable multi-compartment bags with peelable seals, which can be manufactured from the RENOLIT INFUFLEX polyolefin films.

    In combination with RENOLIT TUBEFLEX tubing and RENOLIT GRANUFLEX based ports, a complete polyolefin system can be realized.

    Parenteral nutrition solutions containing amino acids and vitamins require high barriers for oxygen and UV light. Several multilayer RENOLIT  Healthcare films offer these barrier functions and excellent cold temperature resistance.


    The coextruded RENOLIT MEDIPAK UVO tubular film contains an EVA fluid contact layer, is high-frequency weldable as well as heat sealable and the film is suitable for ETO and gamma sterilization.

    In addition, RENOLIT Healthcare also offers monolayer EVA films and tubing for conventional Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) bags.

    RENOLIT EVA is also used for the storage of lypophilic solutions, an application area where the use of PVC is limited. 

    RENOLIT MEDIPAK EVA tubular film is available in a clear and a ribbed version, whereas RENOLIT  EVA flat film is available with polished/ matte and Seta/Matte, among other finishes.

    These special surface embossing on the tubular and flat films reduces the sticking and blocking effect and facilitates their use on automated welding machines.

    Special RENOLIT MEDITUUB EVA and coextruded EVA/PVC tubing are available to ensure a proper connection with the bag ports.

    Enteral nutrition applications require reliable and cost effective packaging materials. Various RENOLIT Healthcare materials are available for the large diversity in enteral feeding products:

    • RENOLIT EVA flat film and RENOLIT MEDIPAK EVA tubular film, often used for longer shelf-life storage of fatty solutions


    Unique selling points

    Primary and secondary packaging films for parental and enteral nutrition solutions

    • Multi-chamber bags with peelable seal
    • PP, PVC and EVA options
    • Oxygen barrier, UV light barrier
    • International registration support

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