Exterior white and light colors for wood components.

    RENOLIT MLA is an rigid PVC laminate that provides superior protection to paint.

    Finish Textures replicate paint, powder coating or natural graining of wood. Natural wood graining is available in random soft ticking, soft Ash or heavy linear grain patterns.

    RENOLIT MLA is designed for exterior applications such as door jambs, window components and panel systems.

    It gives finger jointed components a seamless appearance. Use it as an upgrade to primed door jambs. Prefinished parts that are paintable if desired.

    The RENOLIT MLA film structure

    The rigid PVC laminate comes in a variety of thicknesses, colors and textured to meet your specific needs. RENOLIT MLA is formulated for very good weatherability and impact resistance.

    RENOLIT MLA is an ideal product for finger-jointed wood, engineered wood components used in building construction. The ability to paint and stain the surface makes it an ideal mate for framing fiberglass doors. 

    Saving installation labor has never been more important and the ability to provide a finished framing components or pre-hung doors provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage.