Company Guidelines of the RENOLIT Group


We improve the quality of life for many people with our innovative, high-quality and sustainable plastic products which are an essential part of our customers’ products.


As an internationally active and independent family-owned company, we aim to be the market leader for technically demanding applications with our products and services. As a reliable business partner and employer, we want to secure the long-term success of the company.

RENOLIT Company Guidelines

Our business partners can rely on RENOLIT’s products and services. This commitment presents us with a permanent challenge that we must meet every single day. This is why reliability is the number one priority for us.

Our global presence means we are near to our customers and are able to cooperate closely.

With our products, we are active in selected, technically sophisticated application areas and lead the way in design, function, technology and innovation.

As a family-owned company, long-term planning and sound finances are at the forefront.

Seriousness and commitment determine our actions and form the basis of a trustworthy and fair cooperation.

We take responsibility for the safety and protection of people and the environment as well as practicing sustainability.

We help our employees to develop their strengths. We show appreciation for what they achieve.


RENOLIT’s Group strategy forms the basis for the strategy of the Business Units and the overall strategy of the corporate functions, which provide a cross-divisional service for all sites and Business Units.

The Group’s strategy includes:

  • Consistent brand management, which allows RENOLIT to successfully further its reputation as a reliable business partner and employer.

  • A focused personnel policy, which encourages long-term employee loyalty, promotes their talents and which simultaneously enhances the value of the employer brand.

  • Active management of the Business Units as well as their respective product and market segments with the aim of a growth-oriented and profitable development of the Group as a whole.

  • Sustainable and profitable company growth resulting from innovations and geographic expansion.

1. The RENOLIT Brand as Company Success Factor

Our RENOLIT brand and the statement “Rely on it” represent a commitment to our customers that RENOLIT’s products and services can be relied on.

The core value of “Reliability” along with the brand values of “Highly Valued”, “Innovative”, “Cooperative” and “Open-Minded” are the basis of our actions and our vision.

Through consistent brand management and communications, we strengthen our presence, enhance the perception and value of our brand and clearly position ourselves in the market. This builds trust and security in dealing with our company and its products.

We all are brand ambassadors and influence the customer’s image of RENOLIT.

The brand pyramid illustrates the strategic principles of the RENOLIT brand.

The RENOLIT brand communicates the values, the position and the messages of the company both internally and externally. All RENOLIT products and services benefit from the image of the company brand.

Our mission and vision express our identity and the long-term focus of the Group.

Our brand model and its positioning with defined brand values provides orientation and conveys security and reliability to our business partners.
The core message of our company brand is reflected in the RENOLIT brand statement.

2. Focused Personnel Policy

Our well-trained and motivated employees are the key to the long-term success of the company and represent the RENOLIT brand throughout the world.

Our personnel policies assist the implementation of the company’s strategic objectives with the recruiting and training of suitable staff. Through advanced talent management, concerted further education and in-house training, RENOLIT creates a pool of well-qualified and committed employees. Loyalty to our long-term-oriented family owned company is rewarded with attractive career opportunities.

Our culture, which is characterized by appreciation and trust, underlines the importance of all employees to the company and contributes to a positive employer brand image. Using international personnel placements, we strengthen the bond between our sites around the world, which, in spite of our size and global reach, promotes close contacts, and solidarity.

RENOLIT is open and fair towards its employees. Our actions are characterized by mutual trust, cooperation and reliability. RENOLIT’s attitude to its employees is just as reliable and open-minded as it is towards its customers. We promote cultural diversity and integration beyond geographic borders and we know that optimum performance can only be achieved if the workload leaves sufficient time for family and leisure activities.

3. Profitable Company Growth

The Group’s strategy is aimed at long-term profitable growth by:

  • Organic growth (through innovations and regional expansion) and
  • Increasing market share.

Strategic Innovation Aims

The strategic aim is to create a culture, which promotes innovation and stimulates new ideas.

Our innovative efforts aim to realize defined success potential in a results-oriented way and to pave the way for future business. Our markets and the conditions for our products and services are constantly changing. We can only remain competitive if we are able to identify and learn from changing market requirements and technological advances and to continue developing our products, processes and services.

We therefore follow a double strategy with a focus on strengthening our existing business (economizing) and developing new business (strategizing).

The innovative momentum of our Business Units concentrates on the continuing development of existing products and the development of new solutions within the scope of the Business Unit strategies. In addition, process efficiency should be constantly improved by innovations in organizational and procedural areas.

Innovation at Group level incorporate the identification, evaluation and utilization of raw materials and technologies that are new to RENOLIT and go beyond the efforts made by the Business Units. We centrally support sophisticated innovation projects within the Business Units.

The introduction and further development of the process for managing innovations and knowledge are supported at a Group level. The expansion of networks and information flows and the creation of ideas are intensified across all areas.

Options for Growth through Innovation

RENOLIT’s performance grows sustainably through:

  • The optimization of our market portfolio with a focus on growth markets which display synergies with existing business.
  • Increased added value on the basis of innovative products and services as well as improved process costs and technologies.
  • An increase in the agility of the organization and processes.
  • The willingness to promote selected long-term and therefore potentially higher risk development projects.

Our Strategic Innovation Guidelines

Every employee contributes to the innovative momentum of our company. We support innovative thinking and actions and we actively motivate our employees to contribute new ideas.

We promote a culture of innovation, which allows for mistakes and therefore learning from mistakes, allowing risks to be taken, increasing innovative expertise by training and further education. This gives our employees the freedom to think laterally and offers incentives for the development of ideas and suggestions.

We want to learn from each other, to share and make knowledge accessible.

We apply new knowledge and information in defined innovative processes to further develop products and services and to improve processes within the company. In addition, we operate highly effective innovation management.

We make the necessary resources available at Group level and within the Business Units to allow our innovative objectives to be realized.

We make sure that innovations are practice-oriented. The customer benefit of products, services and processes is always at the forefront. We track and evaluate the success of innovations on the basis of transparency and confirmability, which is supported by the Group-wide use of InnoView. Through the results-oriented management of our development portfolio, we improve the effectiveness and reduce development times to market roll-out.

Strategic Objectives for Regional Growth

Our company’s increasing internationalization pursues the aim of a sustainable penetration of dynamic growth markets for RENOLIT’s high-quality products, based on the value-adding and fair development of business with our local customers.

We utilize marketing opportunities for imported products and locally produced goods. We make sure that our know-how is protected and not accessible to third parties.

Another long-term objective is continuing non-European sales growth, reducing the dependence of our business on European Community economies. This requires us to stabilize our business activities outside Europe and rigorously expand profitable market segments with above-average growth opportunities.

Options for Regional Growth

Demographic trends and changing world economics with greater but strongly fluctuating dynamics in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America has led the RENOLIT Group to continue its growth strategy and the creation of new markets in these regions with the following options:

  • The expansion of distribution channels via distributors and agents.
  • The creation of our own entity for sales and logistics.
  • The setting-up of a manufacturing plant (possibly as a Joint Venture with a majority stake) with sales and logistics.
  • The take-over of an existing sales and/or production organization.
  • Strategic partnerships, as long as our interests are adequately represented.

On the other hand, there will still be future growth potential in rather saturated markets for specific segments that we are bound to address and exploit through product innovations.

Our Strategic Guidelines for Regional Growth

The RENOLIT Group is expanding across regions. We motivate and support all Business Units to use synergies across all areas and throughout the world with existing sales structures or manufacturing potentials.

We specifically use the company brand to develop new markets, to sharpen RENOLIT’s profile and to set ourselves apart from our competitors. We see the RENOLIT brand as a decisive factor for our business success.
At the same time, we are aware of our responsibilities towards other cultures and also promote economic and social developments in the respective country with our commitment.

We pursue a cooperation with our customers that is characterized by mutual respect and trust. We respect local customs when dealing with our business partners while always adhering to our Code of Conduct.

The appropriate and adequate management structures in our Business Units establish the conditions for regional growth and serve to integrate and control these activities.