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    Leading with a good conscience

    November 19th, 2021 – Taking economic, social and ecological responsibility - this is the basis of RENOLIT's understanding of sustainability. As the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality plastic products, we are committed to these three dimensions. And we particularly take on this responsibility when it comes to our visual communications films. With our sustainable commitment, we enable increasingly "green" advertising technology that focuses on conserving resources.

    Closed recyling circuits

    In addition to the continuous optimization of our manufacturing processes, we are therefore focusing on the consistent expansion of our internal recycling economy. We are intensively pursuing this goal with the RENOLIT Goes Circular initiative. The figures prove that our words are also backed by deeds: Our internal recycling rate has risen steadily in recent years to 54 percent to date - meaning that more than half of all surplus raw materials are already recycled instead of disposed of. At the same time, we succeeded in reducing the absolute amount of plastic waste from just under 39,000 tons in 2019 to currently around 36,000 tons (1).

    As an active member of the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) industry initiative, which focuses on promoting the recycling economy for plastic products in the EU, we have set ourselves the goal of implementing closed material loops within the company by 2025, thereby achieving a recycling rate of 100 percent (2). VinylPlus, the European PVC industry's sustainable development initiative, also addresses issues such as energy efficiency and sustainable material procurement and production. We are a member of this initiative as well, and have played our part in ensuring that 6.5 million metric tons of PVC have been recycled since 2000 through measures such as voluntary commitments (3).

    More film recycling

    We are continuously expanding our recycling activities - our declared aim is to design our products so that they have a longer shelf life, are easy to reuse and are suitable for high-quality recycling. We are constantly reviewing opportunities and processes to further develop and improve products to this end.

    We set an important milestone for the sustainable production of PVC films in August 2021: In Worms, another line for recycling recyclable materials from PVC film production was put into operation. The interesting feature of this new line is that the incoming film snippets and rolls are granulated under water, and the resulting regranulate is directly freed from dust and dirt. From this we produce a completely clean, high-quality material that can be reprocessed.

    Thanks to the new line, larger quantities of recyclable material from the visual communication industry and Exterior Solutions sectors become recyclable - the recyclate is hardly inferior to the original raw material in terms of quality. This means that PVC films in these areas can be used with clear conscience.


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