Sustainability - for ourselves, our environment and our company

    As a global company, RENOLIT has made a contribution to sustainability - on an ecological, social and economic level. With regard to our core business, the production of high-quality polymer solutions and related products, we see ourselves as responsible towards people to preserve resources, reduce emissions that harm the climate and prevent plastics from ending up in the environment. We aim to live up to this responsibility by committing to more circular business, fostering sustainable innovation, participating in numerous industry initiatives and working for equity, decent work, health and well-being.

    We deliver sustainable and innovative polymer solutions.


    RENOLIT Sustainability Report 2022

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    Our Sustainability Strategy

    Our mission statement defines our path into the future. It is the result of our strategic work, which is based on the established core values of our corporate brand. RENOLIT is reliable, cooperative, open-minded, of high quality and innovative. Sustainability is a consistent development of these values. It can be seen in our commitment to a circular economy - with internally closed material cycles - as well as in our polymer film solutions, which make an important contribution to sustainability. Together with our employees and business partners, we work to achieve our strategic goals in the three dimensions of sustainability "People - Planet - Profit".


    Health & Wellbeing

    Healthy, motivated and productive employees are a decisive factor for RENOLIT's success. For the internal development and improvement of occupational safety, RENOLIT has set up occupational safety committees. Since 2020, we have implemented the 5S programme to create a safe, clean and clear working environment. In order to maintain and strengthen the health of all employees, we have various preventive offers in the area of occupational health management, which we are constantly expanding and adapting, such as, for example:

    • Company sports courses
    • Preventive health care offers within the framework of our company medical service
    • Stress management and stress prevention workshops
    • Resilience training - to strengthen healthy self-competence
    • Non-smoking courses and addiction prevention offers
    • Ergonomics workshops


    We secure the future of our company with qualified employees. We are countering demographic change and the associated shortage of skilled employees in many countries with a wide range of training and further education opportunities. We offer our employees the chance to develop according to their strengths and abilities, to make the most of their opportunities and to take on new challenges.

    Social Engagement

    We support charitable projects, culture and education around our locations and thus contribute to the common welfare. Our social engagement focuses on the areas of education, science, social affairs and culture.

    Equality & Diversity

    Equal opportunities and rights for all employees are defined in our Code of Conduct. We reject any kind of discrimination, whether based on ethnic origin, skin colour, language, gender, religion or sexual orientation.


    Circular Economy

    With our commitment to a more circular economy, we help to preserve resources and save energy in order to maintain the livelihoods and quality of life of present and future generations on earth.

    Climate Change and Saving Ressources

    Our aim is to foster the conscious use of energy resources, to avoid any losses as far as possible and to reduce emissions that are harmful to the environment. An energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001 is integrated at all German sites. Of all greenhouse gases, the CO₂ emissions resulting from the direct and indirect use of energy sources are relevant for RENOLIT. Thus, CO₂ emissions are directly dependent on energy use. By implementing energy-saving measures, RENOLIT is pursuing the goal of sustainably reducing greenhouse gas emissions and actively contributing to climate protection. In the future, we will also rely on non-fossil energy sources in order to separate energy use from CO₂ emissions.

    We want to make an ambitious contribution to reducing global warming and have therefore set ourselves the following targets for reducing our CO2 emissions: 

    • By 2025: - 30% compared to the base year 2010* 
    • By 2035: - 60 % compared to the base year 2010* 
    • By 2045: CO2 neutrality*
    *In 2010, RENOLIT emitted 197,229 tonnes of CO2 in absolute terms. This corresponds to 0.91 tonnes of CO2 per tonne of product.

    Environmental Protection

    Our group-wide environmental standard defines minimum requirements in the area of environmental management and applies to all our plants worldwide. Ten of our sites are certified according to the internationally recognised ISO 14001 and EMAS standards. In addition, each production site is required to produce an annual environmental report that identifies measures to minimise potential environmental risks. Since 2016, there has been a standard reporting form at the plants to ensure comparability of data.



    Profitable Growth

    We want to continue RENOLIT's success story through sustainable and profitable growth. This secures the existence and future of our company and makes sustainable business possible in the first place. Sustainability requires investments, e.g. in research and development of non-fossil raw materials, new sustainable products as well as in digitalisation, process optimisation and modern recycling technologies, which are necessary to operate in a circular way in the future and thus remain competitive.

    Customer centricity

    Our actions are focused on the expectations and needs of our customers. We aim to make valuable contributions to the longterm success of our customers and therefore continuously improve our processes and products.

    As a company group, we are globally active in more than 30 locations. In doing so, we open up new markets, create jobs for local people and at the same time promote the local economy and indirectly the development of infrastructure. For our customers, we are therefore on site and can reliably meet the requirements.

    Sustainable Innovations

    The entire RENOLIT Group is continuously working on innovations. Existing products are further developed and sustainable product lines are designed in order to meet the growing requirements of our customers, partners and the market even better. In addition, forward-looking cooperations and service concepts are created in collaboration with customers and partners. With every new development, we make sure that they meet the criteria of sustainable design in a circular economy. Only in this way can they ensure the continued existence and growth of our group, the success of our customers and the future of our industry.


    Market Leadership

    We continue to work to be one of the top three in our key markets. In line with our slogan "Rely on it", our customers and partners can continue to rely on our polymer solutions not only to meet the latest market requirements. Today, we are already thinking about tomorrow's sustainability requirements when designing our products and services. In line with our mission statement "We deliver sustainable and innovative polymer solutions", we do everything possible in cooperation with customers and partners to maintain our position at the top by always keeping the issue of sustainability in mind.

    As a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance we voluntarily committed ourselves in 2020 to defining and successively implementing measures that are intended to contribute to greater sustainability till 2025 by, among other things, increasing the amount of recycled plastic, thus actively contributing to the achievement of the CPA's goals.
    Read here our voluntary pledge. 

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    These UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are important for us

    The UN 2030 Agenda, with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is considered a global plan for a better and decent future that should be implemented by 2030. It is about addressing the challenges of our time: Ending poverty, injustice and inequality, reducing environmental destruction and the climate crisis, and securing peace. Within the framework of the ONE RENOLIT 2025 strategy, we have also taken measures to help achieve some of these goals and live up to our responsibility.


    RENOLIT Goes Circular, sustainable products and partnerships for sustainability


    Sustainability news at RENOLIT

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