sustainable facades

    Voluntarily joining the CPA

    In September 2019, RENOLIT signed the Circular Plastics Alliance Declaration to promote the use of recycled plastics in Europe through voluntary measures.

    The CPA is an alliance of associations and companies in the plastics industry. These associations and companies have set themselves the goal of incorporating at least 10 million tons of recycled plastics into products and packaging in Europe by 2025.


    Click here for the written declaration 


    Our promise

    As one of the world's leading manufacturers of high-quality plastic films, sheets and other polymer solutions, RENOLIT is particularly committed to sustainability and the associated circular economy approach.

    Aware of our responsibility towards people and the environment, we have anchored our consistent commitment in our corporate strategy "ONE RENOLIT 2025" and our overarching mission statement: "We deliver sustainable and innovative polymer solutions."

    In addition to numerous internal sustainability activities, RENOLIT has long been involved in value chain initiatives such as Vinyl Plus, a voluntary commitment by the European PVC industry.

    This makes RENOLIT REFACE economically sustainable

    This makes RENOLIT REFACE ecologically sustainable

    This makes RENOLIT REFACE socially sustainable

    RENOLIT works with PVC

    Not only HOW we work is based on sustainability, but also WHAT we work with.

    Our film is made of PVC.

    The production of PVC requires less non-renewable fossil raw materials than any other commercially available plastic

    • PVC is made of 57% conventional salt and 43% oil
    • In 2018, approximately 44.3 million tons of PVC were produced worldwide
    • Forecast to reach 59.72 million tons by 2025

    Why is PVC so valuable?

    • PVC accounts for almost 50% of applications in the construction sector
    • PVC helps to save energy, reduce costs, improve the quality of life and protect the environment
    • Through the use of modern window systems with high thermal insulation throughout Europe, 13 billion euros per year can be saved after just five years
    • PVC can be recycled and reused up to eight times, depending on its application



    Example: In the extrusion of plastic window profiles, ideal production equipment and cross-section technology can save up to 30% energy. Such significant savings are also achievable in the production of films and flooring.