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As part of the new RENOLIT RAINBOW collection RENOLIT RAINBOW HORIZON offers

  • decorative films for stationery and advertisement applications
  • specialty films (e.g. mouse pad foam, offset film, etc.)
  • rigid films in plain colours

Decorative films

RENOLIT RAINBOW HORIZON provides a variety of printed, embossed, expanded or flocked products. The designs reflect the current fashion and trends of the industry and offer innovative differentiation possibilities to inspire the imagination.


Since fall 2014 all soft-PVC films of the RENOLIT RAINBOW HORIZON range are manufactured with DOTP plasticizer. This phthalate free plasticizer is not on the REACH SVHC list and meets the strictest requirements of the industry. Moreover, all RENOLIT vinyl films are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and in accordance with the highest quality standards.


The complete RENOLIT RAINBOW HORIZON range is available from our central European warehouse in a minimum quantity of 1 roll and with minimum delay.

For further information or requests, please contact us.