Sustainable products

    New ECO and bio@ products at RENOLIT Hispania S.A.

    Bio-attributed PVC film is produced using renewable feedstock derived from sustainable raw materials. Achieving climate protection, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, and conserving fossil resources are vital components for a more sustainable future​. This system offers full transparency and auditability in attributing renewable feedstock to the final product.

    bio@ films

    A milestone for the world for RENOLIT and its partners​

    Bio-attributed PVC films made from renewable feedstock - a breakthrough that will change the world. We are committed to the development of sustainable polymer solutions.

    Our bio@film PVC is made out of vegetable tall oil​:

    • It is used as a renewable raw material.​

    • The oil is purely vegetable and is mainly obtained from the wood of coniferous trees.​

    • It is a pure by-product of the pulp industry.​

    • The oil is produced from the extractives of the wood that are released when the pulp is boiled.​

    • No additional trees have to be felled for this raw material and it does not compete with food production.​

    • Discover in this video everything you need to know about mass balance and bio-attributed PVC with our raw materials expert


    RENOLIT collaborates by collecting selective waste from our customers to close the circle a little bit more. We transport it to our plants and introduce it back into our customers' own production process. RENOLIT ECOFRIENDLY are films with recycled scrap from our customers.

    Together we can achieve much more. The circular economy and the efficient use of resources are among our priorities. Promoting the sustainability and future viability of plastics.