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    The Market Unit Protect, promoting sustainability while protecting objects and people. With an experience of more than 75 years in the production of film and leaders in Europe in stationary products, supports us. We deliver sustainable and innovative film solutions for the processing industry. We develop high-quality PVC materials that are increasingly advanced and sustainable. For us trust is fundamental.

    Product manufacture of vinyl films for a wide range of applications.

    These include stretch ceilings, tent windows, lampshades, labels, stationery and medical products, each of which meets the highest design and performance standards. You can consult our certificates in our download area at the bottom.

    In addition, vinyl sheets for windows and visors, transparent film in rolls for sprayhoods, special base film for tapes and various technical and decorative applications are offered.

    This Code of Conduct assists us in observing rights and complying with laws, in doing so caring for people and the environment.

    Our strategy is aligned with sustainability. We work every day to make our products more ecological. We believe in the circular economy and for this reason we have developed our new range of ECOFRIENDLY products. You can consult our Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

    Get to know our new range of sustainable products.



    Our RENOLIT RAINBOW COLLECTION offers a wide range of PVC films for stationery products, decoration, advertisement and promotional material.

    Our film has an infinite number of applications. We can also adapt to your needs. The materials we produce are not only of high quality standard but also suitable for high number of applications. We not only offer a wide range of products from stock but also produce to your individual requirements on request. Please contact us.

    We look forward to supply you from our European Warehouse with the full range of our RENOLIT RAINBOW COLLECTION products from 1 roll/carton quickly and easy from our Central European Warehouse.

    Flexible Windows

    Flexible windows

    RENOLIT PRIME CRYSTAL CLEAR is a new generation of flexible window films with outstanding clarity. These vinyl films not only provide clear visibility but are made specifically for outside weather conditions. We offer you one of the best transparency in the market up to 92% light transmission.

    Pressed Polished Sheet

    Pressed Polished Sheet

    RENOLIT SEA-FLEX | RENOLIT FLEXGLAS, the press laminated sheets are ideal material for flexible glazing for automotive soft-tops, boat enclosures and sprayhoods. High transparency & distortion free like glass.



    RENOLIT DECOSTRETCH is a decorative vinyl ceiling film specifically designed for the manufacture of interior ceilings. Whilst it is mostly used for flat suspended ceilings and light ceilings, it is suitable for more creative applications such as individually shaped ceilings, 3D light objects, walls or exhibition panels.

    Welding Curtains

    Welding Curtains

    Our high quality welding curtains are the ideal solution in welding and production environments. In addition, they can be used in other applications such as protection zones in powder booths and industrial separations.


    Others products

    Our products comply with the following international standards:

    1. European Toy Norm EN 71/3: 2013
    2. European Packaging Regulation 94/62/EC
    3. Environmental Protection - The Packaging (Essential Requirements) Regulation 2003 Nº. 1941
    4. European Directive 2011/65/CE (ROHS 2)
    5. European Directive 2003/11/EC (amending Annex I of 76/769/EC)