Rainbow Ecofriendly
    bio@ films

    A milestone for the world for RENOLIT and its partners​

    Bio-attributed PVC films made from renewable feedstock - a breakthrough that will change the world. We are committed to the development of sustainable polymer solutions.

    Our bio@film PVC is made out of vegetable tall oil​:

    • It is used as a renewable raw material.​

    • The oil is purely vegetable and is mainly obtained from the wood of coniferous trees.​

    • It is a pure by-product of the pulp industry.​

    • The oil is produced from the extractives of the wood that are released when the pulp is boiled.​

    • No additional trees have to be felled for this raw material and it does not compete with food production.​

    • Discover in this video everything you need to know about mass balance and bio-attributed PVC with our raw materials expert