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    RENOLIT wins award as an attractive employer in Rhineland-Palatinate

    State Secretary Petra Dick-Walther presents the award to RENOLIT CEO Michael Kundel

    Worms / Mainz, November 30, 2023 – RENOLIT is “Attractive Employer in Rhineland-Palatinate 2023”. The Worms-based company was honored for its exemplary human resources management yesterday at the awards ceremony at the Investitions- und Structural Bank Rhineland-Palatinate (ISB) in Mainz. State Secretary Petra Dick-Walther presented the certificate to RENOLIT CEO Michael Kundel.

    The Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economic Affairs awards companies as “Attractive Employers Rhineland-Palatinate” that stand out through innovative approaches to attracting and retaining employees, a modern corporate culture and modern working methods.

    Photo source: Alexander Sell
    Photo source: Alexander Sell

    An independent jury made up of representatives from politics, business and science assessed a total of 24 proposals from the Chambers of Industry and Commerce and the Chambers of Crafts in Rhineland-Palatinate. The companies had to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire from the Institute for Employment and Employability in Ludwigshafen (IBE) about the “digitalization of work”, “agility and new work”, “mobile work” and “employer attractiveness”. Based on the answers, the jury selected a total of eight employers - two winners from each of the four chamber districts in Rhineland-Palatinate - for the award.

    Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump, Director of the Institute for Employment and Employability in Ludwigshafen (IBE) says about RENOLIT: “The jury is enthusiastic about its innovative approach Company – not just leading, but downright groundbreaking. The award confirms the company's central role as a lighthouse in its industry. It’s clear: the motivated employees are the heroes behind this success.”

    “The award is proof that our committed HR work is bearing fruit and is being noticed. At the same time, it encourages us to continue to promote attractive working conditions in a constantly changing environment in the future,” says CEO Michael Kundel.

    “We are very pleased about the award for our employer brand. This is our fourth award for our human resources management. And we will continue to work consistently to make RENOLIT even better known as an employer and more attractive for our employees,” explains Markus Blümle, General Manager Corporate Human Resources at RENOLIT.

    The “Attractive Employer Rhineland-Palatinate” award has been presented annually since 2014. The organizers are the Rhineland-Palatinate Ministry of Economics, Transport, Agriculture and Viticulture, the Rhineland-Palatinate Investment and Structural Bank and the Institute for Employment and Employability.

    Photo source: Alexander Sell

    Institute for Employment and Employability

    The Institute for Employment and Employability (IBE), founded in 2002, is dedicated to current issues in the world of work and places equal emphasis on people and the company. The institute supports companies and other institutions in recognizing and exploiting their potential.

    The IBE has set itself the goal of leaving the beaten path and taking new paths that serve the well-being of companies and employees. The institute's focus is on the areas of megatrends, new normality, crisis management, employment and employability, life-stage-oriented human resources policy, securing skilled workers, strategic personnel planning, diversity, agile organization, mobile work, time policy, transformation, democratization of leadership and new work.