Mandatory training

    Mandatory training for professional users exposed to diisocyanates

    In August 2020, the European authorities passed a regulation revising the REACH regulation to restrict the use and market introduction of diisocyanates. The new restriction requires training prior to use for adhesives and sealants containing polyurethane. As of 24 August 2023, successfully completed training will be required for every professional or industrial user of products containing more than 0.1% diisocyanates.

    Why do you have to have this training?

    Diisocyanate is a chemical that can cause allergic skin and respiratory reactions. This product is safe when handled according to safety measures. This training should make employees, who are exposed to diisocyanates during work, more aware of the hazards of this substance and inform them about appropriate working methods and protective equipment.

    Which products are concerned

    Most polyurethane products are in the scope of this restriction. Within the RENOLIT range, below articles are involved:
    RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81068 PU-adhesive
    RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81140 PU-contact adhesive
    RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81065 universal Dualfix adhesive
    To inform users of the products involved, the training requirement will be mentioned on labels and/or packaging.

    Where can you follow the training?

    At the initiative of the European industry, a platform was set up where you can follow the training. It is currently available in 10 languages.

    Follow the online training for free with the vouchercode FEICA_21_G

    Trainees will receive a personal certificate after successful completion of the test at the end of the training. This certificate is valid for five years. Every five years, the training must be renewed.
    Records of the training given to employees must be maintained by employers. Employers must be able to submit the certificates to the authorities at all times.

    BE AWARE: This training must be completed by 24 August 2023 !
    Without training and certificate, an employee is no longer allowed to work with diisocyanates.

    Further information

    More information on the restriction on the use of these chemicals can be found on EUR-Lex, the European Union's website that provides access to EU legislation:

    If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact your RENOLIT ALKORPLAN sales office.