Thinking around the corner with RENOLIT BENDIT

    When foiling and painting are not an option

    For commercial spaces, it is typical for the exterior to receive a facelift after a few years. This was also the case at the Ullein car dealership in Bamberg. The Renault headquarters had adopted a new design concept - the previous elements were to appear in a distinguished anthracite tone in the future. The car dealership was free to decide on the type of implementation and the choice of material. The company Ude FolierungsKonzepte was entrusted with the implementation.


    The Ullein car dealership has a spacious facade consisting of a post-and-beam construction - whose aluminum profiles were to be color-matched to the new CI. "The usual approach would be repainting or foiling," explains Thomas Vogt, project manager at Ude. "However, since the surface here was quite complex, foiling did not present itself as the best measure; that would have been very costly. Painting was also not optimal due to the powder coating of the profiles." And so Ude GmbH decided to use the new cladding panel RENOLIT BENDIT from the foil manufacturer RENOLIT for the first time. "Cladding is, after all, not only a visual aspect, but also an economic aspect for the dealer," says Vogt. "And RENOLIT BENDIT proved to be the best solution here."



    The aluminum sheet, which is coated with a newly developed film, is edgebandable and can be installed seamlessly around frame profiles, window corners, pillars & co. up to an angle of 90 degrees without any white fracture. "Another advantage: the plate does not take on any static tasks, so there is no disadvantage for the components," emphasizes Vogt. RENOLIT BENDIT is available as standard in a selection of original colors, decors and embossings of RENOLIT EXOFOL films. For the special application at Autohaus Ullein, the panel was coated with RENOLIT REFACE to match the required RAL shade 7021.


    In order to be able to process RENOLIT BENDIT directly on site in an uncomplicated manner, the sheets were previously cut at right angles, provided with groove milling on the back and edged to form U and L profiles - this step was included in the service provided by Ude FolierungsKonzepte. Due to the preparatory work, the installation at the car dealership turned out to be much shorter, and the practical RENOLIT sheet was the cheaper alternative to film and paint in this case.

    "RENOLIT BENDIT is used when things get complicated in terms of the surface and the focus is on a clean, straight surface along with a beautiful decor that covers something that is no longer as attractive," explains Vogt. And so the previous white profiles disappeared under elegant black-grey profiles, made of RENOLIT BENDIT. "Autohaus Ullein was delighted with the result. The new cladding has clearly upgraded the appearance of the building," the project manager sums up with satisfaction.