Sustainability - a question of attitude

    As a responsible company, you should have a stance on the pressing social issues of our time relating to globalization, climate change or even digitalization. RENOLIT, as a leading company in the plastics industry, has decided to place ecological and social sustainability more than ever at the center of its actions. Our products are essential components of many of our customers' products - which is why we have made it our mission to help improve the quality of life for many people with innovative, high-quality and sustainable plastic products.


    How do we put this into practice?

    In 2019, RENOLIT began a strategic realignment, developing target horizons and measures to guide the company over the next five years. The result is called "ONE RENOLIT 2025." To this end, we have defined core topics in a so-called "pledge" - a voluntary commitment to the EU - and worked out how we can achieve greater sustainability over the next five years. In addition, RENOLIT has joined the Circular Plastics Alliance (CPA) - an association of all plastics manufacturers who have pledged to recycle 10 million tons of plastic by 2030.


    What makes RENOLIT REFACE sustainable

    We are convinced that sustainable production operates in closed-loop recycling systems. Even during the production of RENOLIT REFACE, we pay attention to waste avoidance and the revitalization of raw materials - in other words, we focus on reuse instead of disposal. To be able to recycle plastic, we focus on expanding internal recycling and invest in appropriate technologies. In everything we produce, we pay attention to resource-conserving production processes - this includes careful use of water, raw materials, energy and waste. In addition, we do not use any solvents at all: no solvents are released during the processing of RENOLIT REFACE. And: the product is "Made in Germany" - so it has a low carbon footprint.

    Advantages for the customer

    Customers are also increasingly looking for products that meet their standards and aspirations to operate sustainably. Using RENOLIT REFACE provides a sustainable solution for consumers on several levels: For example, the film has long weathering stability and thus a long service life. Thanks to its dirt-repellent surface, it can point to low maintenance requirements - thus extending cleaning cycles or eliminating them altogether. The infrared light-reflecting pigments are particularly innovative: they can reduce the temperatures of building envelopes, so that less cooling is required. A clear advantage over normal color pigments and a plus point for RENOLIT REFACE.

    Rethinking tradition

    But sustainability is not just about manufacturing processes and products; it is a holistic approach. Our understanding of sustainability covers the three areas of ecology, economy and social issues. Responsible action has many facets, which is why we want to make our contribution in all three dimensions. As a family business, we want to rethink our business model together with our employees. For us, this means that a comprehensive sustainability strategy also includes cultivating long-term relationships with employees and business partners. For this reason, for example, we continuously improve our occupational safety and health protection measures, promote employee potential, ensure a work-life balance, support professional development in all phases of life, and promote qualified junior staff. So that our attitude endures.


    By the way: Since 2018, we have been recording our activities and progress transparently and comprehensibly in an annual sustainability report.