Thinking around the corner with RENOLIT BENDIT

    Occasionally, big ideas grow out of small projects, which, consistently thought through, can solve old problems. This is what happened with the construction of a single-family house in Coesfeld: The client wanted a window corner cladding and a window hinge middle cladding in a wood decor that should match the RENOLIT decor of her vinyl windows. The architect initially planned the execution with HPL panels in wood decor. However, since the color of the panels did not exactly match that of the windows, this solution did not satisfy the client. Therefore, the architect contacted RENOLIT, whose films and competence in the field of vinyl windows have long enjoyed great popularity and trust in the industry.


    Without further ado, the experts from RENOLIT fell back on a new development from the ongoing facade project and were able to present the customer with a solution using a foil-coated aluminum composite panel. Because this made it possible to design the cladding exactly in the window decor and with jointless corners, this solution convinced everyone involved. The product idea for RENOLIT BENDIT was born...

    Missing Link found - the edging facing plate

    The term "missing link", which comes from evolutionary biology, is also apt in window and facade construction, as it describes a previously "missing link". The link that brings both worlds together and enables seamless transitions between cladding and window profile has now been found with the new product: RENOLIT BENDIT.

    Another outstanding feature of this color-coordinated corner trim is its so-called white-break-free edging. This means that the decorative surface can be cold-formed and no white fractures form along the edging. The special characteristics of the composite panel have thus closed a decades-old gap in the market. For a long time, window manufacturers could only make do with temporary solutions when it came to covering parts of the facade in a consistent style of window decor. One of the problems with alternative solutions was that they could not be processed seamlessly over the edge. The high flexural rigidity of the composite construction is another advantage of the product: an additional anti-drumming coating of the back of the panel is not required.

    "The cladding panel is particularly interesting for window construction companies because of its versatility - wherever plastic windows are installed, RENOLIT BENDIT is the right choice," explains Sales and Project Manager Rainer Langner. He knows the needs of facade and window manufacturers, because he himself has his roots in the window industry: 17 years of experience with a company that manufactures plastic window systems, as well as 8 years in the facade industry, he brings to RENOLIT. Fabricators can draw on a select range of colors, decors and embossings to match RENOLIT EXOFOL films, so that cladding elements and windows can be matched exactly. Since white plastic frames are among the most popular and widespread frame types, classic white will also soon be available for RENOLIT BENDIT.