Interview with Sven Behrendt – Member of the Board and General Manager Facade

    Like the bark of a tree, the facade gives a building its unmistakable appearance and protects its interior. The RENOLIT product portfolio is as diverse as the requirements for a facade can vary depending on the location and type of building. In order to bundle the innovative power behind the individual facade products, we have adapted out internal structure at RENOLIT and from now on will bring together the product brands RENOLIT BENDIT, RENOLIT COMPACT, RENOLIT DURAFOL and RENOLIT REFACE under a single roof. The new Facade division combines the expertise and best innovations in the field of facades from RENOLIT and creates new synergies to give you an even better product experience. Read the interview about our plans with the member of the board and head of the new business unit Sven Behrendt.

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    1. In the course of the internal restructuring of our organisation, the market unit Facade was created. What led to the decision to develop a separate division for facade products?

    RENOLIT claims to be an innovative company. We have not only anchored this in our goals, but it’s also practised in this way. In the recent years, new products have emerged from the various business units that have the potential to offer more. And with the newly created business unit Facade, we want to give this more a platform to gain visibility and (synergistically) highlight the common customer benefit.


    2. What advantages do you hope to gain from clustering your competencies? And which opportunities do you see in this with regard to your future viability and competitiveness?

    Each individual product brand (RENOLIT BENDIT, RENOLIT COMPACT, RENOLIT DURAFOL and RENOLIT REFACE) is remarkable in itself. We have also seen that there is still some room for improvement and that the end result is more than the sum of the individual properties. Common to all products is the optimized processability and the high weather resistance.


    3. What are your goals – for the coming months and the coming years?

    We are in the middle of a change process and everyone will know that such a comprehensive change requires not only a high level of commitment from all those involved, but also a great deal of tact, communication and implementation skills in order to achieve the goals set. In the coming months, we will continue to consolidate and expand the organisation and tailor and sharpen the product range and service to customer expectations. It is a matter of course for us that we stand by our customers at all times and are a reliable partner.


    4. The new business unit Facade now comprises four different products. What are the differences and what solutions do the products offer? How do they stand out from competing products?

    In particular, I would like to emphasize that all of our products together offer a significant expansion of the entire product life cycle of a building envelope. What they all have in common, apart from the decorative surfaces, is high durability and excellent recyclability. 


    The products differ in their application:

    RENOLIT COMPACT – serves for direct use as a front for the ventilated facade.

    RENOLIT BENDIT – is the sandwich panel for individual cladding on the facade or window frame.

    RENOLIT DURAFOL – is the film for lamination of metal coils for further processing as cassette or panel.

    RENOLIT REFACE – is a self-adhesive film, which can be easily and versatilely used in facade renovation.


    5. How do you assess your market position in the course of the realignment? What is the advantage compared to your competitors?

    RENOLIT can look back on a longstanding and excellent reputation of its traditional business areas. Our films for window profile wrapping are mentioned here as examples. This is exactly where we start with our facade products and use the possibilities of efficient production, effective development and customer-oriented service and sales.


    6. Does the new structure also have a direct impact on your daily business? If so, in what way? What changes will be noticeable to customers?

    I am proud that the experts and top performers of the former structure are now reflected in the new organisation. There was no long thinking or hesitation. Each of the colleagues sees the chance to build something new and wants to contribute to the success. To experience with how much motivation the colleagues go to work, I think it’s great.


    7. What is your personnel structure now? How big is the unit?

    In total, we are starting with a strength of 14 colleagues – in the areas of marketing/sales, technical service and development. For other functions and services or the production itself, we rely on the strength of the RENOLITGroup.


    8. To what extent does the new structure influence your internal processes? How does the cooperation work? What is easier – and at what point are you still getting used to it?

    The colleagues in the new Facade team known each other for years and the basic tasks are not new. Regarding the team setting and the interfaces to adjacent departments are concerned, we are working intensively to constantly optimise them so that the processes and procedures are lean. At the same time, however, we want to offer our customers the possibilities of digitalization directly. Topics such as e-shop and digital customer platform or apps for visualization or the provision of learning videos are examples of this.

    Our goal is to create a sustainable customer experience through the harmonious interaction of personal contacts and digital services.