Trendservice Colour Road

    Trend service Colour Road – the colour and design service from RENOLIT

    With our RENOLIT trend service Colour Road we create market and customer specific trend reports – tapping into our global network of colour specialists and trend institutes.

    With this trend report, along with the associated trend stories and colour palettes, we provide our customers with inspiration and security in modern product development. Through our global trend consultancy, we enable our customers to stand out among their competitors with their products and marketing strategies, thereby contributing to their long-term economic success.

    Colour Road Team f.l.t.r.: Verena Mundle, Monika Haag, Clarissa Blüm, Lea-Marie Lischka

    What is the trend service Colour Road?

    With our trend service Colour Road, we support our international customers on the development of successful products and marketing concepts. Especially in an ever-changing world, there is often a lack of time and expertise to monitor and identify the latest colour and design trends. Have a look at our imagefilm about the trend service and see how you can benefit from our consultancy.

    Colour Road 24/25 - Treasures of our planet

    The motto of the Colour Road 24/25 draws its inspiration from the "Treasures of our planet" and makes us aware of how diverse our world´s treasures are – and how ephemeral. Protecting these resources and treasures is more important than ever.
    Sometimes hidden deep within the earth are important minerals, rare earths and special elements, which sometimes fulfil important functions in our daily lives even in minute quantities. The variety of landscapes and geographical structures on the Earth's surface is breathtaking and enables the diversity of life on our planet. We have always been fascinated by the phenomena of the sky, observing the clouds and studying the winds.
    This vast, colourful journey through the treasures on all levels of our Earth changes our minds and our consciousness - as Albert Einstein confirmed: "Look deeply into nature and then you will understand everything better."

    Intro movie

    Where do you find treasures on our planet and what roles do these treasures play in your everyday life?
    Experience the answers of some people we asked.

    What is your treasure? 

    Trend movie

    Moors are amazing ecosystems. Discover exciting facts about moors in our trendmovie with the moor guide Andrea Wissel. Enjoy the video!

    Colour Road x Application area

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    Services and offers

    We offer you:

    • Trend research
    • Development of trend concepts, colour palettes and trend materials
    • Worldwide trend presentations
    • Individual trend consulting
    • Advice on the design of exhibition spaces & trade fair concepts
    • Suggestions for trendy colour and decor combinations
    • Reports on the most important design fairs


    Monika Haag

    Monika Haag

    General Manager Corporate Design Management

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    Verena Mundle

    Verena Mundle

    Corporate Design Management

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