30 Coppi profile

    New generation lightweight roofing and cladding solutions
    With millions of square metres installed worldwide, the polimglass® imacoppo® sheeting ranges have become the de facto reference standard in lightweight coverings. However, with 30Coppi Tecno Imac has launched a new challenge to the market, further development was applied to the functional and aesthetic characteristics of the original product lines to achieve even greater performance.
    30Coppi is a roofing sheet with a textured surface whose aesthetic profile mimics alternating curved and flat terracotta tiles (‘coppi ed embrici’). It is available in beautiful earth red and antique finishes. A range of accessories and specific fittings completes this product line, the ideal solution for small and large civil and agricultural roofs with superior technical performance and remarkable aesthetic qualities. 30Coppi is manufactured in Italy in HSP® (High Strength Polymer), a new sheeting solution capable of assuring high durability, elasticity, lightness and colourfastness.