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    Successful conclusion of the RENOLIT Junior Company 2022

    Junior staff donate project proceeds to the St. Marien children's and youth welfare centre in Worms

    Worms, 23 February 2023 – For the ninth time, trainees and dual students from RENOLIT in Worms founded the Junior Company project and sold their self-developed product for a good cause. The seven RENOLIT second-year trainees have been working independently on the production, marketing and sale of their product since November 2022. In the process, they gained insights into the complexity of entrepreneurial processes and the management of their own company. They donated the proceeds of the project to the St. Marien children's and youth welfare centre in Worms.

    For the product of this year's junior company, the choice fell on a RENOLIT-style board game called "Renopoly": In addition to its own currency, the game features street names, event fields and action cards that playfully pick up on RENOLIT's organisational structure. The playing cards were made by the trainees from foil scraps from RENOLIT production.

    Christoph Hogen, head of technical training at RENOLIT, has been coordinating the project for nine years. "Every year, the junior company offers new entrants a good opportunity to gain insight into the structure and processes of a company," he says. "In addition, the junior company strengthens communication and understanding between commercial and technical professions and encourages them to deal with strategic issues.”

    The apprentices Lea-Marie Lischka, Jonas Beyer and Vivien Sejdija (seated, from left to right) together with the head of technical training Christoph Hogen (standing in the middle) handed over their project proceeds to the Worms Children's and Youth Help Centre yesterday. Angelika Weinkötz (Head of Department) and Thomas Jäger (Head of Department and Head of Day Groups) accepted the donation on behalf of the centre
    Get to know RENOLIT through play: the board game of this year's Junior Company.

    For Jonas Beyer, apprentice industrial clerk, the junior company is a special experience: "It was very exciting to experience how a finished product emerges from an initial idea," he says. "I would not have thought how much effort can go into it. I think the junior company is a really great and educational project that I'm sure I'll remember fondly in a few years' time."

    By selling "Renopoly" to RENOLIT employees, the trainees and dual students were able to raise a total of 1,725 euros. The entire proceeds were handed over as a donation to the St. Marien children's and youth welfare centre in Worms on 22 February 2023. The money is to be used as financial support for the summer party and the free times of the residential and day groups.