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    Scent of Colours

    A journey through the world of scents with the RENOLIT Colour Road 2020/21 

    Worms, January 15, 2020 – The sense of smell is a direct gateway to the world of human emotion. As the most immediate of all the five senses, it is also the most important one for our social life and, last but not least, even for our very survival. With the title, “Scent of Colours”, the RENOLIT 2020/21 trend report emotionally captivates the reader and is at the same time a useful guide through the multitude of current trend inspirations. 

    Every scent is coded in our subconscious and forms the basis for decisions made within a matter of seconds. Around 50 million olfactory receptors are directly connected to our cranial nerves and to a gigantic database of experiences and emotions. “The associated colour shades are also stored in this database. Colours are scents made visible, translations and bearers of a scent message,” is how Verena Mundle from the Colour Road team describes the enigmatic influence of emotional signals. If a person associates a scent with a certain product or colour then they will remember it ten times longer, as the Bochum olfactory researcher Hanns Hatt discovered. It’s no wonder that millions are invested in the research and development of scents that can influence decisions to purchase. 

    So, it takes a good nose to put the Colour Road trend report and the corresponding trend colours together, as the latest 2020/21 issue proves. Lavender and rose scents entice in the “Temptation” trend world. In the trend subject “Appreciation”, complex scents of velvety, elegant wines and aromatic, roasted coffee beans please the senses while “Vitalization” sweeps the reader away to places with memorable scent experiences. Monika Haag, Head of Corporate Design Management at the RENOLIT Group, believes that such emotional experiences will be increasingly important in the future: “The more anonymous everything becomes in our digitalised daily lives, the more people seek authenticity and a desire to explore personal sensations.”


    The visual impressions of Wild Rose, Lavender, Lemon and Orange are each directly tied to a distinct scent. Noble Wild Rose delicately balances sophisticated grandeur with a velvety warmth that envelops the skin. The new trend colour Wild Rose Supermatt captures this elegance, emphasised by the fine supermatt surface. The pink shade with slight blue tones perfectly complements light or grey décors.

    Lavender, on the other hand, is a gentle invitation to linger peacefully, relaxing and healing at the same time. The classic purple Lavender Supermatt also welcomes - providing a distinctive accent that goes well with the harmonious, warm brown tone of oak.

    In combination with a clear design, these colours – along with Lemon Supermatt and HG Gerbera – add targeted statements to living spaces. Reserved designs and medium brown oak decor present a contrast to the vibrant colour shades and create a pleasant balance. 


    “Appreciation” is the trend world with predominantly neutral shades and complex scents. A good Bordeaux contains up to 400 aromatic compounds and a single coffee bean over 800 – two symbols of the various ways love and appreciation are expressed. Both products stand for extraordinary taste paired with craftsmanship and a love for detail, and the passion of an experienced producer. 

    People today make conscious decisions about what and how they consume. Sensuous taste experience is accompanied by a sense of responsibility, appreciation and a good conscience with regard to fair production – this is expressed in the shades Almond Supermatt and Cubanit Grey Suedette Matt in this colour world. The sophisticated examples of this colour world are the muted red HG Bordeaux with high-gloss surface and the precious Bronze Metallic.

    The trend colours of "Appreciation" form a stage for timeless design solutions, which - inspired by natural stone or ceramics - create a warming atmosphere of well-being with their neutral tones matched with high quality materials such as dark marble or refined surfaces, which combine elegance, durability and value.


    The ocean stands for freshness, open space and vitalization. Taking a deep, fulfilling breath, you can relax and slow your pace; everything is blue. Blue is the colour, scent and state of being. The fresh green of the Swiss pine is a casual partner; its scent energises and clears the mind. This is accompanied by lemongrass, an evergreen native to Asia that is used as a spice and medicinal plant. It not only promotes health and uplifts the mood but is also used as an invigorating ingredient in facial lotions, bath and aromatherapy oils. 

    Symbolising blue in this colour world is the fresh, bright Ocean Breeze Supermatt, with its small amount of red taking away the coolness. The range of green tones is marked by two contrasts: With its high yellow content, Lemongrass Supermatt is an extremely bright and fresh green. Whereas Pine Green Supermatt has only a slight yellowish tinge and triumphs as a sophisticated green tone with depth. Bridging the gap between green and blue is the understated trend colour Acai Berry Supermatt.

    The blue and green shades of “Vitalization” perfectly pair with equally natural and stimulating decor partners: wood, either natural or in subtle grey shades, provides a fresh touch and creates a cosy feeling of home.

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