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    Peace in all its facets: RENOLIT inspires with the 23/24 trend colours in its Colour Road

    Worms, 1 March 2023 – A peaceful world: a goal as old as humanity itself. This great idea is the focus of Colour Road 23/24 from the RENOLIT Group, one of the world's leading specialists in high-quality films, sheets and other plastic products. Under the motto CONTRIBUTE TO A WORLD IN PEACE, not only the upcoming trend colours for interior surfaces will be presented, but also the theme of peace with all its facets: What does peace mean for the individual, their surroundings and the environment? This has resulted in colour palettes that tell self-contained yet interwoven stories. Every year since 2009, RENOLIT's Corporate Design Management has been presenting the spirit of the times in terms of colour and design under the trend service brand Colour Road: It picks up on global socio-cultural trends and transfers them to the field of interior and exterior design. So the team, led by Monika Haag, General Manager Corporate Design Management, cooperates closely with trend research institutes and trend experts.


    The motto of this year's Colour Road, CONTRIBUTE TO A WORLD IN PEACE, focuses on a concept that is as powerful as it is diverse.

    In-house concept for colour consulting

    The Colour Road is an inspirational guide to the colours and designs that will be in vogue for furniture, flooring, door, wall covering and caravan manufacturers. Overall, the colours come from visually powerful imagery. In turn, they open up worlds that inspire product designers in interior design, construction, furniture manufacturing and caravan outfitting. "The interior design industry is always about offering customers something fresh and new, with a high degree of relevance and a sense of the zeitgeist. But to meet the tastes of buyers, you need good orientation. This is what our trend service offers," explains Monika Haag, creator of Colour Road.

    The Colour Road concept is based on the consulting expertise of RENOLIT's Corporate Design Management. "We are approached by companies looking for trendy colours or decors. The core of our consulting service is the personal - or digital - consultation," says Verena Mundle, Senior Design Manager. In addition to the consultancy service, films, mood boards and a digital brochure take the designers and product managers on a journey.

    The motto, CONTRIBUTE TO A WORLD IN PEACE, reflects the turbulence of recent events. The past few months have been a stark reminder that peace is not a one-dimensional concept - it is multifaceted, profound and describes not only the opposite of war, but also inner peace, harmony of body, mind and spirit, peaceful interaction with nature and its resources, social coexistence and just structures in our social environment.

    Soft, neutral shades create a sense of well-being and focus on ourselves

    This year's Colour Road takes us back to the essential: our own centre. Titled 'Contribute to your own awareness', pastels are combined with stronger shades to create a perfect balance.

    The warm grey 'Inner Peace', with its increased red component, creates a feeling of harmonious calm, inviting you to meditate and find yourself without distraction. Meanwhile, the resolute beige "Conscious" reminds us to be aware of our resources - our own, as well as those of nature and society. The first accent is set by "Trust You": the bold yet soft pink encourages us to consciously use our energies to do good. In perfect harmony with this is "Values", a deep mineral red with a low yellow component. It goes straight to the heart, reaching both body and mind.

    "Our colours in this trend theme create a harmonious sense of well-being, but also natural warmth," says Monika Haag. "Combined with dark fronts, they draw the eye back to the essentials. This is the best way for the colours associated with 'Contribute to your own awareness' to unfold their effect.

    Bold, distinctive colours create a sense of community

    It is our differences that make us what we are - and the fact that we can still work in harmony with each other and achieve more as a community. This is the attitude that "Contribute to collective care" describes: energetic colours with a strong character that, despite their contrasts, allow for harmonious colour combinations.

    Sitting just between blue and red, the purple "Take Care" gracefully reinforces a sense of empathy and care. A natural transition, reminiscent of a spectacular sunset with flowing edges, leads to the warm orange "Glow". It owes its intensity to the extremely high colour component, which stimulates creativity. Two shades of blue that could not be more different complete the colour quartet: the deep, dynamic dark grey blue "Wave Blue Classic" creates a good basis for connecting vibrations and trusting relationships, while the modern, fresh medium blue "Open Sky" is characterised by a high radiance - a symbol for open thinking without barriers.

    "Courage for colour is the motto," says Verena Mundle, explaining the principle of "Contribute to collective care". "The combination with other strong tones and balancing decors automatically creates optimism and a good mood in our living worlds.

    Shades inspired by nature create a new awareness for our environment

    The foundations for "Contribute to a healthy environment" are not only to be found in nature itself - but also in our attitude and ancient connection to it. The associations that natural materials evoke deep within us are translated into tones, sometimes soft, sometimes strong, as varied as nature itself. The soft yellow of "Wheat" takes us across seemingly endless fields of wheat, while reminding us of the challenge of providing staple food for an ever-growing world population. Underneath, the earthy, warm, light brown "Rich Soil'", with a higher colour component, describes how valuable fertile soil is - and how fragile. The pale blue Denim Suedette Matt Classic is a symbol of environmentally friendly new textile production processes and the increasingly popular reuse movement. But with its low colour component and black component, it also suggests aging and transience. On the other hand, the strong, intensely luminous green-blue "Extreme Green" is a reference to an emerald-green chameleon and the mutability we need for sustainable concepts such as mobility and urban development.

    "Timeless marble designs in white, beige, green or anthracite go well with these plain colours," says Verena Mundle. "But other stone and ceramic surfaces in many different shades also harmonise perfectly with them."

    Inspiration through films, collages and guidance

    The Colour Road opens up new worlds of experience and perspectives for those looking for the latest trends in architecture and interior design. And who want to make sure that their product innovations and collections will be successful in the market.

    At RENOLIT presents its trend films for this year's motto CONTRIBUTE TO A WORLD IN PEACE.

    For more information on the trend colours, the trend collages with explanatory YouTube films and the Colour Road 23/24 brochure are available for download. The Colour Road team will be happy to provide more in-depth trend and colour advice by appointment and tailored to the client's needs. Interested parties can now register for an online trend presentation at

    The company

    The RENOLIT Group is a globally active specialist for high-quality plastic films, sheets and other polymer solutions. With more than thirty production sites and sales units in over twenty countries, and with annual sales of EUR 1.279 billion in fiscal year 2021, the company with headquarters in Worms – around 70 km south of Frankfurt-am-Main – is one of the world’s leading plastic products manufacturers. Around 5,000 employees continue to further develop the knowledge and expertise gained from seventy-five years of business.