Press release 28 06 2023


    The company's new communication campaign highlights its increasingly vocal approach to sustainability

    Sant Celoni, Barcelona, 28 06 2023 – “Protect what matters”: This is the claim of the new communication campaign of RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products. At the same time, an affirmation of the Company's commitment to responsible and conscious choices and an invitation to everyone to do the same. The efficiency and quality of the products are established, the emphasis of this European campaign is on social and environmental sustainability. “Protect what matters” means producing responsibly, offering products with low environmental impact that allow safeguarding valuable resources, such as water and energy, as well as investigating innovative solutions to achieve even better performance. It also means efficiently and sustainably protecting our buildings, our cities, our relationships. Protect what matters is the claim that indicates market positioning and a direction towards the future.

    «For years we have been increasingly focusing our efforts on sustainable products - says Mario De Clercq, Sales Director.- We are working on products that consume less energy, allow the recovery of rainwater, optimise renewable energy, and allow even more efficient photovoltaic systems thanks to our membranes. In Tampere, Finland, we recovered and recycled the old membranes of a building, and we will do the same in Tenerife, where we are engaged in the re-waterproofing of a volcano used as a water reservoir. These were unthinkable things until a few years ago, while today they are already a reality and tell us that producing and working differently is possible».

    Choosing RENOLIT ALKORPLAN roofing products, therefore, is also a responsible act that "protects what matters."

    For the side walls, the “pre-applied” RENOLIT ALKORPRO geomembrane is installed before pouring the concrete, on a lost formwork or directly on the retaining wall with an anti- puncture geotextile.

    The geomembrane is fixed to the support by means of fixing roundels or by means of a temporary fixing at the top (in the case where the retaining wall is separated from the structure of the tunnel.)

    On the roof, the “post-applied” RENOLIT ALKORPRO geomembrane is placed with its fleece against the concrete.
    The overlap between the rolls of geomembrane will be sealed by heat welding or by gluing.