RENOLIT REFACE in a new design - decor films

    Customer requirements are a major feature at RENOLIT. In response to the specific wishes of a technology company located south of Munich, RENOLIT developed an extension to the well-known RENOLIT REFACE range: Wood Decor Films. The foiling of the large-scale project will run until autumn of this year. 

    In spring 2017, RENOLIT received a request for a wood decor film as part of a major facade project. "Until then, we had only produced solid and metallic colors and had no wood decor in our range. So we turned to our colleagues from the Exterior Solutions business unit, who manufacture industrial decor films for PVC windows. With their expertise on suitable printing technology, we brought the new decor to production readiness," explains Helmut Schmitt, Facade Project Manager at RENOLIT.

    The film had to match the original building facade as closely as possible and, above all, have one thing in common: long durability. In close cooperation with the in-house print shop at RENOLIT, existing print rollers were tested, colors were adapted and finally a new product range was launched. "With the new wood look, we have added a particularly natural-looking element to the selection of our existing decors," says Helmut Schmitt. "Facades can be renovated quite easily and, above all, sustainably thanks to the self-adhesive film."

    Like all other product ranges at RENOLIT, the wood decor films were also subjected to thorough testing before they were ready for the market. "Whether plain or wood decor film - the same quality and testing standards apply to all our film," affirms Helmut Schmitt. "In particular, the 10-year guaranteed durability and B1 fire test certification are mandatory."

    After the first rolls of the new desired decor were produced and tested in the summer of 2018, a sample area of approximately 100 m² was covered with the new film and inspected at regular intervals. As there were no qualitative changes after one year, the customer decided to have its twelve buildings with a total area of almost 30,000 m² foiled in the new "Country Oak" wood look.

    „Wir freuen uns sehr über diesen herausfordernden Auftrag“, so Helmut Schmitt. „Üblicherweise setzen wir Folierungs-Projekte in einer Größenordnung von 300 bis 1.000 m² um – 30.000 m² sind da schon eine andere Hausnummer.“ Dafür braucht es dann auch ein paar helfende Hände mehr. Bis zu 25 Folierer arbeiten an dem Projekt im Süden Münchens. „Durch Hartmut Gündisch, den verantwortlichen Bauleiter des Kunden, erfahren wir eine hervorragende Unterstützung bei der Umsetzung der Folierung. Seiner Meinung nach war die Fassadenfolie im Country Oak-Design sowohl qualitativ als auch optisch die richtige Entscheidung für das neue Gesicht der zwölf Gebäude.“


    Die Folierung der 12 Gebäude hat bereits im September des letzten Jahres begonnen. Nach einer wetterbedingten Pause von Oktober 2019 bis März 2020 ist die Fertigstellung des Projektes für Oktober 2020 geplant – nach insgesamt 9 Monaten Arbeitszeit. Dann erstrahlen die Fassaden der 12 Gebäude des Kunden im neuen „Country Oak“ Style.