Self-healing and swelling mint green PVC-P geomembrane for all concrete constructions below ground level


    The RENOLIT ALKORPRO® CS is a mint green geomembrane made out of a highly flexible PVC film heatcoupled to a special non-woven polypropylene fleece containing a Super Absorber Polymer (S.A.P.) which makes it hydro-swelling. It provides an effective barrier against the three types of groundwater inflows (capillary humidity rise, hydrostatic groundwater pressure, soil infiltration water) and ground gases such as Radon. The product contains a high amount of recycled pre-consumer material and it is fully recyclable.


    The RENOLIT ALKORPRO CS membrane is suitable for waterproofing foundations, basements, tunnels, underground parking lots and all other concrete constructions below ground level. It can be used in saline or alkaline environments due to its chemical resistance. The RENOLIT ALKORPRO CS membrane is mainly dedicated for the post application. The membrane is installed after concreting, with its fleece facing the hardened concrete. In the presence of water, the Super Absorber Polymer (S.A.P) included in the fleece swells and creates a very sticky gelatinous paste which permanently seals the water penetration through the geomembrane in case of accidental perforation (self-healing property) and also prevents any migration of water between the geomembrane and the concrete (self-compartimentation property). RENOLIT ALKORPRO CS membrane is also used in pre application for its self-healing properties.

    Regulations & Standards

    • CE Marking - EN 13967 and EN 13491
    • DIN 18195 Standard – new DIN 18533
    • DIN SPEC 20000-202 approved
    • Test Report PG-ÜBB / abP
    • BDA Agreement Certification according to BS 8102: 2009 and NHBC


    In post-applied installation, the membrane will be placed with the PP fleece facing the hardened concrete and fixed with nails at the edges. The RENOLIT ALKORPRO CS membranes can be sealed together very easily by mastic glue RENOLIT CEM805, by thermal welding or by using butyl tape RENOLIT ALKORPRO BAND. The backfilling will be sized to exert a minimum pressure of 150 kg / m2 on the membrane.


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