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    RENOLIT ALKORPRO system is a technology using a new generation of fully bonded membranes that provide an outstanding sealing performance, recommended where concrete structures must be protected against groundwater, contaminants, and ground gases like radon.

    RENOLIT ALKORPRO is an innovative solution designed to protect buried structure in all eventualities.

    It is suitable for waterproofing of foundations, basements, tunnels, underground parkings and all other concrete constructions below ground level.

    When these membranes are used in combination with watertight concrete, a combined sealing system with high performance is formed.

    In this way, in the unlikely event of damage to the membrane during installation, the special anti-tracking fleece of RENOLIT ALKORPRO will prevent any lateral migration of water between the membrane and the concrete, thus not leading to the loss of the system’s sealing function.


    The advantages of RENOLIT ALKORPRO

    • Water pressure resistance
      Tested up to 5 bars.
    • Weather resistance
      The membrane can be installed in any weather conditions (from -5ºC to +60ºC). Rainwater proof.
    • Direct application
      The membrane does not need a protection layer and can be installed directly to the stabilized and compacted soil.
    • Three ways of doing the overlaps
      Either by the RENOLIT CEM 805 adhesive, by RENOLIT ALKORPRO BAND butyl tape strips or by thermal welding.
    • Redundant sealing system
      The membrane becomes one with watertight concrete. In case of a puncture in the membrane, the water will not spread below the concrete, thus does not enter the building.
    • High flexibility
      In case of a crack in the concrete, the membrane will not be affected and will stay watertight, thanks to its flexibility which is more than 200%.
    • Self-compartimentation property 
      The water cannot move between the membrane and the watertight concrete or through cracks, because the lateral migration is blocked by the membrane.
    • Easy installation
      With just a minimal amount of accessories the installation is easy and quick.
    Efficient system

    Efficient system

    • No need of compartimentation joints.
    • No need of injection pipe.
    • No need of protection layers on top.
    Geomembrane versions

    Geomembrane versions

    The RENOLIT ALKORPRO system offers four different membrane versions, all available in thicknesses between 1.2 mm and 2 mm.

      Coloured membrane -C
    The mint green geomembrane is environmentally
    friendly and allows the incorporation of certain
    amounts of reworked material.
    Translucent membrane -T
    The translucency of the membrane improves the
    quality control of the installation by allowing a
    visual control of the overlaps.
    To be installed before the concrete
    pouring of the ground slabs and walls,
    so that the fleece fibres get embedded
    in the fresh concrete.
    Post-applied *
    Can be also installed on the walls
    or ceiling after the concrete pouring
    thanks to the SAP included in the

    * Post applied membranes can also be used as pre-applied for their self healing properties.



    Easy to seal

    Easy to seal

    The RENOLIT ALKORPRO membrane can be sealed very easily by mastic glue, by thermal welding or by using a RENOLIT ALKORPRO BAND (butyl tape).

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