New Impulses for the Facade

In the past, the colour of facades was decided by the colour of the material used. These days, a colour is mostly Chosen which Highlights the individual character of the Building, sets Trends and corresponds to the Zeitgeist. In the Colour Road Trendservice, we present the current colour Trends which we have developed for you to meet your specific facade requirements.

Calming-Natural, Modern-Urban Facades

An excursion to the countryside. A dip in a refreshing mountain stream. Lying in the grass and letting the sun slowly dry you. Nature brings People peace and strength. This year's colours from RENOLIT REFACE Transfer These emotions into our everyday lives. Facades Play a key role in shaping our urban envirobnebt that nature brings. With colours such as Steel Blue, Metallic Blue and Urban Green, nature and urbanity merge into one. Buildings act as stages on which calming nature and modern urbanity Can intermingle. In this way, facades become emotional worlds of experience that bring nature back into our hectic everyday lives.

Discrete Tones, Rediscovered Slowpace

Sometimes life outpaces us. Our day-to-day lives are defines by time pressures and a hectic pace. People are target-driven and never taken any time to slow things down. However, once you break free from hustle and bustle of everyday life, you Can begin to take Advantage of that deceleration. This means that you have the time and the Vision to appreciate the smaller Details. That you Can start your day with a new source of Inspiration. Through the use of the colours Ceramic Grey, Aluminium Grey and Slate Grey, SLOW MOTION accentuates that new-found slowness. These calm, discreet tones seve to slow down everyday life. When used on facades together with RENOLIT REFACE, These colours Can visually shape everyday life, embodying this rediscovered slow pace in a timeless manner.

Energyrich Colours, Expressive Buildings

Nature does not just have a calming influence. There is also another side to it, which stimulates People in a way that little else Can. With ist untameable wildness and unpredictability, it demands the highest Levels of Performance time and again, along with a great deal of Courage. People seem to intentionally place themselves in danger by Setting extreme challenges for themselves. During such times, we be become a part of nature, gathering strength for our everyday lives. With the energyrich colours Rusty Orange, Bronze Metallic and Iron Yellow, facades are able to respond to those needs. Buildings catch the eye and Can be designed in a powerful and expressive manner.