Installation of RENOLIT ALKORTOP


The RENOLIT ALKORTOP roof range consists of a number of different roofing membranes which can be installed by means of mechanical fastenings, by bonding, or loose laid and ballasted. RENOLIT ALKORTOP roofs are installed by means of hot air from a manual or automatic welding unit.
Suitable TPO roofing accessories (corners, penetrations, edging, etc.) are available for completion of the roof details.
The result is a homogeneous roof area on which the welded seams are stronger than the roofing membranes themselves.

RENOLIT ALKORTOP roofing membrane may be installed only by RENOLIT-approved installers. RENOLIT ALKORTOP roofing membranes can be installed throughout the year, and are suitable for the majority of northern and southern climates. Further attention must be paid in this case to the weather conditions and environmental factors influencing installation.