Bonded system

Adhering offers benefits of non-penetration to the deck surface and in situations where mechanical fixing would be more difficult. Ideal over swimming pools and accommodation.

Description: Calendered and laminated fleece-backed membrane of flexible PVC.

Method of installation: Fully bonded with either RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81068 PU adhesive or RENOLIT Dualfix 81065 universal adhesive.

Deck: 0.7mm – 1.2mm profiled steel, aluminium, 18mm plywood, 18mm OSB, concrete, aerated concrete and woodwool.

VCL: RENOLIT ALKORPLUS 81002 SK self-adhesive vapour control layer

Insulation*: Tissue faced PIR and fleece faced Mineral Wool. EPS with RENOLIT Dualfix 81065 only.

Suitability: New build and refurbishment  - Flat, pitched, curved  and vertical.

Colours: Light Grey, Lead Grey, Charcoal and RENOLIT ALKORBRIGHT white.

Thickness: 1.2mm and 1.5mm.

Guarantee: 10 years plus.


* Insulation boards must be approved by the respective manufacturer for use with fully adhered single ply membranes