Sounds of Colour

Fashion is drawing attention to new cuts accentuated with natural leather optics.

Colour and material combinations with ethnic influenced are shown in Fashion.

The rich colours of nature once again offer fashion designers a wealth of inspiration.

Worms, 16. May, 2018 – Research has shown that our brains do not process different sensory perceptions equally. For example, in healthy people optical stimuli account on average for 83 percent of overall impressions being processed in our brains, while acoustic stimuli account for only for 11 percent. This means that if visual perceptions should cease (e.g. our eyes are closed), the human brain still has enough information to supplement this missing stimulus from memory.

Especially with sounds that are generated by something we love or are of great significance to us, it is exciting to ask ourselves what colours we would see if we perceived them with our eyes closed.

That is why RENOLIT’s Colour Road 2018/19 with the theme “Sounds of Colour” has matched the sounds of three important areas of life with their corresponding colours and designs. Explore our twelve new trend colours for this season. You can also find them in the highlight collection of RENOLIT DESIGN.

We are walking past a building site: sparks are flying and the screeching sound of machinery on steel is painful to our ears. We hear the noises of everyday life, of technology and craftsmanship – sounds we often associate with precision. The feeling of freedom is described quite differently by motocross riders: they offset the focus and accuracy of their everyday work and experience themselves with all their senses when the engine is roaring.

“NOISES OF LIFE” offers a world of colours with subtle shades of grey and brown. The neutral shades of grey such as Pearl Grey Suedette Matt and Cement Supermatt bring clear lines and modernity into our homes and are particularly effective when combined with a hint of urban concrete. Open elements provide a necessary “loosening up” of the look.

The colour newcomer Tin Plate Supermatt reminds us of shimmering white tin. With its matt finish and subtle hint of colour, it provides a new touch of chique when used in large kitchen surfaces.

Brown Leather Supermatt, a colour which is already found in living rooms, now brings a new accent to the furnishings throughout our homes. Combined with medium brown woods, it creates a feel-good atmosphere.

No matter what kind of music we like, a concert should speak to our souls and stir our emotions. For many music lovers – guitarists, piano players or just avid listeners – music forms a connection with our inner selves.
It goes without saying, that colours from this world of emotions also don’t hold back and speak to our feelings in a spirited way. “VOICES OF MUSIC”, therefore introduces all the powerful colours which best reflect this temperament and creative emotionality.

The vivid orange HG Gerbera creates a shining interior.  It provides a fresh accent when combined with white or light wood optics.

Vibration Supermatt, the new violet, is a must-have for this season. The purple tone exudes a mystic and elegant look in bathrooms or in interior design. The dark red HG Papavero and Bronze Metallic are equally elegant and luxurious.

Nature is not influenced by colour trends – and yet it transforms itself from one season to the next. We all know the greens of the trees and meadows, the blues of the sky and of water, and the variety of yellows found in flowers and fruits. When we go out in nature and listen to its sounds – like the buzzing of the bees - we are in exploring mode and colours come to our minds. Since protection and respect of nature has for many years also been such an important trend in the furnishing industry, we have selected colours that originate from nature to enrich our trend colour palette “ECHOES OF NATURE”.

The colour Conifer Green Supermatt reminds us of the dark green of conifers in our forests. This green tone captivates us with its elegance and depth. The combination with natural oak wood evokes a harmonious atmosphere. This is also true for the newcomer Northern Lights Supermatt. This fresh water tone reminds us of the fascinating interplay of colour in the Arctic sky at night. Wave Blue makes us think of the sounds of the sea and impresses us with its depth.

The soft yellow Peak Yellow Supermatt completes the trend colour palette and is suitable for furnishings and kitchens because of its high proportion of white.

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