New TDO Film for shrink sleeves

RENOLIT presents the new grade TD 68 F. It is a shrink sleeve film with a density of 0,960 kg/l and with 68% TDO shrink at 10 sec / 95°C in water.

1 Why density less then 1 kg/l?

The film is designed for labelling of PET bottles which are post consumer recycled. These refundable bottles are taken back by the supermarket. The empty bottles are shipped to a recycling company which mills and washes the PET and separates the non PET parts. Here the sink/float behaviour of the various polymers fits in.

In several steps the PET is cleaned from dirt and other plastic. The last step is a “water bath (hydrocyclone)”. Here the closures and labels made from PP, PE (density ~0,91 kg/l) or paper float whereas the PET sinks to the bottom.

2 Why TD 68 F?

Today these bottles are only labelled with non shrinkable film or paper label which needs a conical shape. Or ROSO © Exxon Mobil film with its rather limited shrink is used.

RENOLIT offers with its TD 68 F a grade which:

• Can be printed like PP. The material is a hydrocarbon, one side corona treated.
• Is pasteurizable.
• Offers low shrink force, even thin wall container will not be crushed.
• Is rigid. TD 68 F is not a flabby film.
• Is “Silent”: Squeezing the labelled plastic bottle does not produce noise.
• Shrinks 68% in 95°C water
• And not to forget: It floats even fully printed.

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