Wind Poems

Diversity in fashion trends: coarse and fine-textured fabrics of the samecolour as well as shiny and matt surfaces alternate.

Wonderfully rich and strong accents of the Silent Transformation trendcolours.

As in Mother Nature, our trend colours range between blue and green.

The more world affairs are in transition to the unexpected
and short-lived, the stronger the need for reliability, value and
transparency. Under the title “Wind Poems”, RENOLIT Colour Road
2016/2017 unites the seeming opposites and transforms them into a
world of colours.

What is so fascinating about the effect of the wind? “On the one hand,
different facets ranging from gentle to stormy, on the other hand the relentlessness
of its power”, Verena Becker of the Colour Road Team describes
the driving force in this year’s trend service edition. The circulation
of air stands for change: When a violent storm sweeps cloud formations
across the sky, a breath of breeze gently stirs the
surface of water into a shimmering sea of colour or carves bizarre sculptures
into mighty rock faces over the course of millennia.

Just as the wind changes shapes and surfaces, trends play with colours,
materials and textures. Materials shall represent their origin – a lasting
trend observed in art, craft and consumer products.

In order to present this global trend topic, the Colour Road Team has
taken three different worlds of colours as the basis. “With their enormous
spectrum, our new colours not only lighten up the trend scene but also
provide the beacon among the multitude of trend impulses“, as Monika
Fecht, Head of Corporate Design Management in the RENOLIT Group
describes the customer benefit of Colour Road trend consulting.

Irresistible Movement: the inexhaustible power of wind

The power of wind propels and moves objects from one place to another.
The wind propelled the ships exploring Latin America. The wind
disseminates pollen, conveys messages, spreads scents and transmits
noise. It leaves surfaces with rich materiality and striking textures.

We see the same diversity in fashion trends: coarse and fine-textured
fabrics of the same colour as well as shiny and matt surfaces alternate.
Such exuberant textures demand understated colours. Warm beige,
brown and grey tones matching the colours of authentic materials dominate
this colour range.

The well-known Ceramic beige is such a tone. It can be used universally
and lends furniture a pleasant and airy appearance. With a higher black
content and a tendency towards red, Sandstone Supermatt brings
warmth into every kitchen and bathroom. The same applies to Linen Supermatt
which is just a touch darker. Cement Supermatt, a neutral grey,
goes with almost every colour and decor and the most varied applications.
Subtle colour shades in the Irresistible Movement range offer with
one another but also with bright and greyish oak decors. The extra-matt
surface finish has a classy feel that is definitely “en vogue”.

Silent Transformation: gentle and enduring change

Wind is relentless. Over millennia, it erodes even the hardest rock formations.
Trees give way to its persistency in the way they grow. The
wonderfully rich and strong accents of the Silent Transformation trend
colours bring new and distinctive colours forward which are derived from
the striking colours of dazzling rock formations. The luminous and pure
HG Peperoncino Rosso red is a perfect example: skilfully applied with
grey and black tones or sturdy walnut and exotic wood, this colour lends
power to any interior furnishing. Dried Date Supermatt features almost
the same content of black and colourfulness and is optimally suited for
large-sized surfaces in kitchens, living rooms, commercial buildings and
shops, preferably in combination with light oak or vintage decors. Dried
Mango Supermatt
is the second trend colour inspired by dried fruit. Yellow
and red components in equilibrium combined with grey elm or warm
walnut make it an elegant and expressive accent colour in the kitchen.

Colours with a metallic shine add a touch of luxury to the world of furnishing.
The warm metallic shade of Copper Red Textured delivers elegant
effects and embodies the trend towards hammered textures. The
reddish noble metal used as accent colour is an eye-catcher in every living
area and draws attention to kitchen and store furniture. Natural as
well as dark, distinctive wooden decors highlight this colour’s value appeal.
The same applies to the trend colour Nomadic Gold: with the same
elegant shine as the genuine metal, it is the season’s “must-have” in any
trendy design concept for living areas and store furnishings.

Temporary Reflection: interplay with nature

Wind is as erratic as it is relentless. From smooth as glass and deep
blue to foamy spray in dirty grey - water changes direction, colour and
texture. Quietly dangling leaves of a tree flutter in the wind, revealing different
shades of green and reflecting change, but only temporarily.

As in Mother Nature, our trend colours range between blue and green.
With saturated blue tones, the established trend colour Wave Blue conveys
a precious but also mystic look thus symbolizing the deep blue
ocean. Combined with the new trend colour HG Arctic Blue Metallic, it
creates a modern appeal, and when matched with warm oak decors, it
sets distinct warm-cold contrasts in kitchens, stores, offices and other
commercial areas. The newcomer HG Arctic Blue Metallic is the exact
opposite: a sparkling light blue whose metallic pigments and high glossy
surface allude to arctic ice in the sunshine. Together with the bright and
streaky elm decor it spreads a light and elegant atmosphere to every
kitchen, bathroom and office.

The saturated green Fern is a harmonious and natural tone. Depending
on the colour combination, it infuses our home with elegance or pleasant
feelings. In combination with Nomadic Gold and a warm oak decor it
stands for cosiness and value. The HG Plankton is a typical accent colour.
Due its high yellow content, the intense green tone glows like mysterious
vegetation in the deep sea. Purposefully used with counterpart
decors, such as gentle oak or grey wood, it sets very fresh accents.

The company
The RENOLIT Group is an international leader in the manufacture of
high-quality plastic films and related products for technical applications.
This independent family-owned business, which has been setting benchmarks
for quality and innovation for 70 years, now employs a workforce
of approximately 4,500 employees at more than 30 production sites and
sales entities. In the business year of 2014, the group generated sales of
915.8 million euros.

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