Glass décor film

Individual design options for glass surfaces

SOMA Museum of Art mit spektakulärer Glasfassade
Glasdekoration in Innenräumen

The motifs cover a diverse range of design options, enabling you to tailor your glass surfaces to your specific needs. Glass décor film lends itself to a broad spectrum of applications – from borders through visual screening for bathrooms and WCs to attractive markings for glass doors in offices. The glass décor film is simply positioned on the glass surface, adjusted and then bonded by means of a special transfer film.


  • High-quality, calendered soft PVC film with polymeric plasticiser

  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Film for texture effects on glass surfaces, similar to frosted glass

  • Matt or semi-matt finishes
  • Light-resistant
  • Available in various pigmentations ("frosted", "dusted" effect)