Colour Road 24/25

    Treasures of our planet

    Predicting tomorrow’s trends isn’t a guess or a gamble. It is an art and a science in itself – one RENOLIT has mastered and offers to you in the form of its Trendservice Colour Road.
    To make this happen, we have established strong partnerships with colour designers and trend institutes, meticulously tracking global developments.

    This enables us to forecast the top future colour trends – and provide an inspiring guideline as to which colours and designs will be in vogue.

    The motto of the Colour Road 24/25 draws its inspiration from the Treasures of our planet and makes us aware of how diverse our world´s treasures are – and how ephemeral. Protecting these resources and treasures is more important than ever.

    Sometimes hidden deep within the earth, there are Precious Minerals. The surface of our Earth offers a breathtaking wealth of the Unique Landscapes that enable the diversity of life on our planet.

    Precious Minerals

    Precious Minerals x RENOLIT EXOFOL

    Elements, minerals and gemstones from the depths of the earth have always fascinated mankind. The dazzling world of Precious Minerals is characterised by discovery, exploration and development, which has shaped our world in a transformative way - right up to the present day. At the same time, it reminds us to be more sensitive in our use of valuable resources and to be aware of their finite nature. Colour Road 24/25 brings these treasures from the depths of the earth to buildings, where they set brilliant accents in combination with carefully selected decors.

    The concrete decor "Urban Spirit", inspired by city flair, is a clear reference to the "Precious Minerals" - after all, concrete is made from cement, sand and gravel. In combination with "Silver D", a shimmering silver tone, both shades visualise how the enticing skylines of our big cities also have their origins in the treasures of the earth.

    "Pyrite", a crystal shaped by nature attracts attention with its shimmering golden colour. Its coolness is offset by the warm "Bandon Oak" wood decor. Together they form a perfect balance between opulence and down-to-earthness, eternity and renewal.

    "Corten Steel" symbolises copper, which flows through our modern lives in the form of cables and pipes like the veins in our bodies. The reddish colour is balanced by deep "chocolate brown" with a high proportion of black - a combination that triggers a feeling of warmth and calm.

    The deep "Wine Red" colour with a high blue content is reminiscent of the precious red Beryl, which is 150,000 times rarer than a diamond and which not many treasure hunters have been able to hold in their hands. Opposite it is "Grey Amanita", a weathered-looking wood design that serves as a reminder that wealth and resources are fleeting.

    The dark "Anthracite Grey Matt Stone" is just as fascinating. It symbolises volcanic rock - often the only evidence of the fiery power that is waiting to erupt from deep below the earth's crust and push its way across entire landscapes as a dark river. But destruction also always means a new beginning and the resulting growth. It is no coincidence that volcanic soils are among the most fertile - a fact that is embodied by the light-coloured wood decor "Desert Oak" with its distinctive design.

    Unique Landscapes

    Unique Landscapes x RENOLIT EXOFOL

    "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." -  Marcel Proust

    The landscapes of our world are not just a source of inspiration. They are natural and living testimonies to the tireless forces that have been shaping our earth's surface for millions of years. Unique Landscapes invites you to explore and appreciate these wonders - as a home for diverse life forms and as breathtaking aesthetic experiences that need to be protected. With Colour Road 24/25, we transfer the magic of these habitats to our own - in the form of colour tones that, in combination with complementing decors, enhance the look and feel of outdoor surfaces.

    The fascinating golden-green "Aged Copper" is inspired by the play of colours created by rolling moorland landscapes. To this day, their murky waters conceal countless secrets that we are only slowly beginning to understand. These include the important contribution they make to our climate. The golden flecks of this colour shine all the more in combination with "Flemish Gold", which conveys a subtle elegance with its muted brown.

    "Moss Green" takes us to the world's tropical regions. The rich green with a high blue content glows like thick lichen in the huge treetops in the planets last primeval forests. They are supported by massive tree trunks that have grown over centuries and are symbolised by the "Coriander Oak" decor. The light-coloured wood look with its characteristic grain has a slight hint of green - almost as if the mosses were leaving their delicate traces there.

    The journey continues with the strong "Ochre Yellow", a reference to the sun-bleached grasslands of the savannah and their endless expanse. Its warmth is emphasised by the glistening white "Crystal White", with a textured surface that looks like wood bleached by the sun.

    The cool, silvery "Grey" captures the icy beauty of mountain peaks and inevitably reminds the viewer of the majesty of these rocky formations. This impression is complemented by the "Loire Oak" wood decor. With its weathered, almost grey colouring, it is reminiscent of old and abandoned wood mountain huts, which when scarred by sun and rain develop an aura all of their own. Finally, "Steel Blue", with its high black and slight red content, transports us to the depths of the oceans, whose dark secrets surprise and fascinate us anew every time. Its magic is excitingly contrasted by "Sesame Oak" decor with its pale colour and soft grain.

    Trend Video

    Exterior Solutions presents the trend themes 24/25 - Precious Minerals and Unique Landscapes.



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    Trendservice Colour Road

    Trendservice Colour Road

    The Corporate Design Management team summarises its findings in an annual trend report and assigns the trend colours to individual colour worlds.

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