COOL3 for Isopan

    Choose cool roof Isodeck PVSteel with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright and plant trees

    The future of industry lies in efficiency: climate change; the increasing demand for natural resources and energy; and simply the consciousness that there is no planet B; are driving  humans to find ever more efficient solutions and products.

    That is why from the collaboration of two leading companies in the roofing sector, RENOLIT ALKORPLAN and ISOPAN, a revolutionary product was born, offering the best performance in terms of waterproofing and carbon footprint: Isodeck PVSteel.

    Isodeck PVSteel is a sandwich panel with a double sheet that makes it resistant to loads, designed for flat or slightly pitched roofs. Thanks to both metal facings, the panel is characterized by a high mechanical resistance. The insulating core is made out of either polyurethane foam or mineral wool. Thanks to its double skin, the panel is more resistant to static and dynamic loads on small or large spans compared to a simple skin product. The panel is installed upside down in order to provide a flat waterproofed roof with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright membrane.

    RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright is a cool roof with an outstanding SRI equal to 115. It saves in air conditioning, increases the efficiency of your PV panels, keeps the insulation at an ideal temperature for a good performance and allows you to reflect the sunrays if you ever need extra natural light in you building. Moreover, it decreases the inner temperature of your building, saves energy and cuts CO2 emissions, fights the heat island effect of urban environments, thus contributing to reduce the effects of climate change.


    We could have thought that was enough, but we wanted to go even further and we decided to plant 1 tree for every 100 sq.m. of Isodeck PVSteel coupled with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright sold.

    • When choosing Isodeck PVSteel with RENOLIT ALKORPLAN Bright, you will receive a certificate declaring how many kg of CO2  you are saving.
    • Every tree part of the Cool3 Forest absorbs an average of 345 kg of CO2 in a lifespan of 10 years.
    • Every tree will be geolocalized and photographed and it will also be possible to follow the story of the project it will help to realize. 
    • The trees are planted directly by those who most need the social and local benefits that can be obtained through agroforestry activities.
    • Thanks to your choice, thousands of farmers have the opportunity to receive funding for the planting of fruit trees - which over time will offer nourishment and earning opportunities - or trees useful to the local ecosystem, for example to counter desertification or to be replanted following deforestation. In compliance with Treedom’s methodology, it is the farmers themselves who propose the species, detailing their usefulness and local usages, to plant the trees in their own land, to geolocate and photograph them, to take care of them and to reap their fruits.
    • Our partner Treedom is the only site that allows people and companies to plant trees at a distance and follow them online, directly financing local farmers around the world. Since its launch in 2010, Treedom has planted over 3,500,000 trees and involved about 200,000 farmers, thanks to a community of 1,000,000 people and over 10,000 companies.
    • Treedom has been part of the Certified B Corporations since 2014, the network of companies that stand out for their significant environmental and social accomplishments.
    • Enthusiast about this project? As a company or as a person you can actively contribute to make the planet even greener visiting

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