Sven Behrendt

    Sven Behrendt
    Member of the Executive Board 

    Sven Behrendt was born in Goslar in Lower Saxony in 1968. After studying process engineering in Clausthal-Zellerfeld, which he completed in 1996, he worked internationally in various functions, most recently as site manager at Klöckner Pentaplast. In 2007, he joined RENOLIT in Worms, where he was in charge of the Corporate Engineering central unit. After completing his Executive MBA (Master in Business Administration) in 2015, he was appointed to the Executive Board by the Supervisory Board in 2019. Since then, in addition to several central units of the RENOLIT Group, he has also been responsible for the business units Protect and Composites.

    Sven Behrendt is an honorary member of the Board of IVK Europe e.V. and the Board of Directors of EuPC. He is also involved in VDI e.V..

    In addition to his professional and voluntary activities, he enjoys cycling, golf and winter sports in the mountains. Together with his two daughters and his wife, he enjoys cooking and socializing.

    Short and simple:

    • At RENOLIT since 2007
    • Member of the Executive Board since 2019

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    Sven Behrendt


    Symbol for a strong culture of improvement: The Operational Excellence Award

    At RENOLIT, we are committed to continuous improvement. We have created a very special instrument for this purpose: The annual Operational Excellence Award. With this award, we recognize locations and teams in the company that have made a special contribution to establishing a genuine culture of improvement. This is a strong example of how industrial companies can drive continuous development internally.

    Sven Behrendt


    Climate savior plastic!

    Climate protection is rightly one of the most important challenges we face worldwide. Many people see plastics as a problem. I see it differently and say: plastics are real climate savers! In this article, I explain what this means in concrete terms.

    Sven Behrendt


    Climate protection through progress? An impulse

    How can climate protection be implemented effectively? There seem to be two camps in the public debate: Some prefer renunciation and restrictions, others rely on innovation and progress. Which approach is the right one? An impulse from the world of practice.

    Sven Behrendt


    Bio-attributed PVC: A breakthrough for sustainable plastics

    A breakthrough that can change the world: Bio-attributed PVC made from renewable raw materials. They are a key to more climate and environmental protection. At RENOLIT, we are proud to bring a whole new generation of these sustainable plastics to the market - with ISCC certification.

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