The new exterior solution.

    RENOLIT EXOFOL FPX is a new generation of high-performance films. Both the solid-colored base film and the transparent top layer are made of PMMA - a plastic that can be fully recycled without restrictions.

    RENOLIT EXOFOL FPX combines environmental aspects and robustness in a special way. The carrier film contains high-quality and color-stable pigments, the transparent top layer very efficient UV absorbers. Heat absorption is low, and the gloss level and color stability of the high-performance film are fully retained over almost its entire service life.

    RENOLIT lays the foundations for a long life of film and profile with its well-known Solar Shield Technology (SST). It acts like a protective shield and reduces the temperature differences between the outer and inner profile surfaces. In this way, the profiles retain their shape and windows and doors keep their exact fit.

    The warranty for RENOLIT EXOFOL FPX in the North American market is up to 20 years.


    Film structure

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