Corrosion protection for onshore and offshore wind turbines

    RENOLIT CP Advanced: Film instead of paint. Developed for application in extreme environments.

    • Minimum downtime: Application without primer or drying phases
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: No hazardous substances or VOC emissions
    • Tested and certified long-term protection according to BAW standard (DIN EN ISO 12944-9 CX)

    The permanent fight against corrosion on your wind turbines

    As an operator of wind turbines - whether on land or offshore wind farm - you are confronted with a variety of challenges from time to time. One of these is the harsh environmental conditions to which your turbines are exposed around the clock during their operation. Extreme weather conditions, moisture, salt water and sea air all affect the steel of the towers and create ideal conditions for corrosion.


    You may have already experienced that the applied corrosion protection fails well before the expected wind turbine service life of 25 years or more. You know that corrosion is far more than just a visual problem, as its consequences endanger the structural integrity of the construction in the medium to long term, and therefore the durability of the plant. This is particularly problematic for offshore turbines, where thin sheet metal is used, which is subject to a lot of movement and paint can easily splinter. With onshore wind turbines, on the other hand, the flange area is frequently a weak point where corrosion can impair stability due to water ingress.


    Unexpected maintenance work means one thing for you in any case: downtime. Every minute that your wind turbine cannot be put into operation increases the pressure on your budget. Every day, when no wind turbines are converting energy into electricity, costs you tens of thousands of euros in the worst-case scenario.

    The situation becomes even more complex when, for example, conventional paint work has to be adapted to the weather conditions. Particularly in the case of offshore plants, actions to eliminate corrosion damage can often only be carried out under ideal conditions: Preparation steps must be taken, several layers of paint must be optimally applied, and drying times must be set in order to ensure that corrosion protection is restored. As a result, onshore and offshore systems are often out of service for longer than you would have expected.


    On top of this, you also have to bear in mind the environmental and health risks associated with painting work, if volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released or dripping paint contaminates the surrounding area. You are already investing a lot of time and money in your wind energy project. However, without reliable long-term protection, corrosion can threaten to disrupt your plans, and you cannot be sure whether your wind turbines will pass the next inspection or be able to continue operating.

    One certain thing is: corrosion is both a financial burden and an unpredictable source of stress for you. What you understandably want is an efficient and safe solution. A solution which gives you the peace of mind that your wind turbines are optimally protected. A solution that drastically minimizes your downtimes, reduces maintenance costs and protects the environment at the same time.

    This solution exists - and it is called RENOLIT CP Advanced.

    Benefits & Functions

    RENOLIT CP Advanced - the efficient, effective and environmentally friendly corrosion protection for your onshore and offshore wind turbines

    Whether on land or out on the sea: you may not be able to change the weather conditions - but you can change their influence on your wind turbines with RENOLIT CP Advanced. It is a self-adhesive corrosion protection film that we have developed specifically for use in harsh offshore environments, yet is also ideal for onshore application.

    The corrosion protection property is integrated directly into the film. Therefore, additional primer or intermediate layers are not needed. This 2-in-1 solution saves you valuable time and reduces the downtime of your wind turbines to a minimum. The RENOLIT CP Advanced corrosion protection film can also be applied much more easily, flexibly and with significantly less effort.

    The surface of the wind turbine tower only needs to be thoroughly cleaned. The protective film is then applied directly in just one step. Experience has shown that it takes just ten minutes per square meter of surface under normal conditions to apply the film.

    The difference to conventional paint is clear: you do not have to plan for any time-consuming preparation work or primer application. The plant can then go straight into operation without any drying time. Paint, on the other hand, must be applied evenly and in several layers under unpredictable weather conditions, precise drying times must also be ensured afterwards.

    Moreover, you can rely on the fact that the protection against corrosion is immediate thanks to the uniform film thickness.

    The thick adhesive layer of RENOLIT CP Advanced also makes it possible to apply the film easily and efficiently, even on very rough or uneven surfaces. In contrast, uneven surfaces during painting work increase the risk of corrosion.

    RENOLIT CP Advanced also often offers considerable savings in material costs - up to 60 % lower costs compared to established systems on the market - and therefore a major price advantage while at the same time causing no harm to the environment: no volatile organic compounds (VOC emissions) are released during the application of the film, nor is there any risk of paint, plastic and other hazardous substances being released into the environment.

    The advantages of RENOLIT CP Advanced go far beyond its simple application: your wind turbines benefit from certified long-term protection of 10 years and more, according to the BAW standard (tested in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944-9-CX - the highest corrosivity category).

    We have been able to prove that the film is remarkably resistant to UV radiation and extreme weather conditions by means of 15,000 hours of Xenon testing, in compliance with ISO 4892-2 and several years of field tests at the Helgoland site.

    Your benefits at a glance

    Minimal downtime

    Once the RENOLIT CP Advanced corrosion protection film has been applied, your wind turbines can be back in operation much more quickly because it does not require primer or drying time.

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    Simple application

    RENOLIT CP Advanced is applied in just a few steps and the corrosion protection is immediately effective - even on rough or uneven substrates. Clean the surface, apply the film, done.

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    Environmentally friendly

    In contrast to paint, you can be sure that the application of RENOLIT CP Advanced does not produce any environmentally harmful VOC emissions or release any hazardous substances into the environment.

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    Tested, certified long-term protection

    Sit back and relax, because RENOLIT CP Advanced offers corrosion protection of 10 years and more - extensively tested and certified in accordance with the BAW standard (DIN EN ISO 12944-9 CX).

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    Robust and resistant

    With RENOLIT CP Advanced, your onshore and offshore wind turbines benefit from effective protection against extreme weather conditions, sea air and UV radiation - because the corrosion protection film can withstand all of this effortlessly.

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    Minimize maintenance costs, material usage and downtimes with the corrosion protection film from RENOLIT CP Advanced and improve the profitability of your wind turbines.

    Film instead of paint: Extend the service life of your onshore and offshore wind turbines with RENOLIT CP Advanced!

    Now that you have learned about the many advantages of RENOLIT CP Advanced, there is only one question left: How can you best use this innovative film solution for your onshore or offshore wind turbines? You are just one step away from safe, effective and environmentally friendly corrosion protection.

    Request a free sample of RENOLIT CP Advanced today to see in detail the film structure as well as its excellent protection feature. Simply fill out the contact form below and protect your wind turbines efficiently and sustainably against corrosion!

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    You probably have a few questions about RENOLIT CP Advanced corrosion protection film. We have summarized and answered some of them below. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact us and we will answer it for you!

    Questions about corrosion in general

    How does corrosion occur?

    Corrosion is a natural process in which a material is gradually destroyed by a chemical or electrothermal reaction. Corrosion often occurs when metal comes into contact with water and oxygen.

    Metals only occur in nature as ores. In order to make them into a usable material, oxygen is removed during the transformation process. However, the material strives to return to its original state. In other words, metal corrodes upon contact with oxygen in order to return to its original oxidized state.

    In wind turbines, this process is particularly accelerated by salty air and moisture, as found in offshore wind farms. Salt water promotes the formation of electrolytes, which accelerates chemical reactions on the metal. These reactions lead to the formation of rust, which impairs the structural integrity of the metal parts and can ultimately lead to their failure.

    What are the differences (classifications) in corrosion?

    There are a total of six corrosivity categories. They are categorized based on locations of the buildings and the corrosion potential prevailing there.

    • C1 = insignificant: heated buildings, thickness reduction of unalloyed steel ≤ 1.3 µm
    • C2 = low: atmosphere with low contamination and unheated buildings with condensation; thickness reduction of unalloyed steel > 1.3 - 25 µm
    • C3 = moderate: Urban and industrial atmosphere with low SO2 contamination, coastal atmosphere with low salt contamination and production rooms with high humidity; thickness reduction of unalloyed steel > 25 - 50 µm
    • C4 = strong: industrial atmosphere and coastal atmosphere with moderate salt pollution; thickness reduction of unalloyed steel > 50 - 80 µm
    • C5 = very strong: industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmosphere, coastal atmosphere with high salt load; buildings or areas with almost constant condensation and heavy contamination; thickness reduction of unalloyed steel > 80 - 200 µm
    • CX = extreme: Offshore areas with high salt load, industrial areas with extreme humidity and aggressive, subtropical or tropical atmosphere; industrial areas with extreme humidity and aggressive atmosphere; thickness reduction of unalloyed steel > 200 - 700 µm

    What damage is caused to a wind turbine by corrosion?

    Corrosion can cause significant damage to wind turbines, affecting their structural integrity as well as their safety and efficiency. One of the greatest dangers is the structural deterioration of load-bearing parts such as towers and flanges. This leads to cracks and, in the worst case, to breakage of these components, which can jeopardize the stability of the entire system.

    Another significant problem is the safety risks that can arise from corroded parts. Particularly in offshore wind turbines, where repairs are difficult and costly, the failure of critical components can cause dangerous situations for technicians and the turbine itself.

    Corrosion also leads to increased maintenance costs, as wind turbines in such extreme environments require more frequent inspections and repairs, especially when no truly effective corrosion protection is applied. Repairing corrosion damage is time-consuming and expensive, making regular maintenance necessary to extend the life of the turbine and avoid unexpected failures. The environmental impact of flaking paint and rust particles is also a problem. Therefore, environmentally friendly protective measures is necessary to minimize such negative effects.

    Last but not least, corrosion-related damage leads to considerable downtime when damaged parts need to be repaired, replaced, or new corrosion protection measures need to be taken. Every minute that the system is out of operation means financial losses due to lost of energy production.

    How can wind turbines be protected against corrosion?

    To protect metal coatings and steel from corrosion, so-called corrosion protection systems are used. One of such systems could be the composition of two or more layers of coatings that differ in their functions and thickness, depending on the location of the wind turbine.

    Such coatings can consist of paint or film that prevent the metal from coming into direct contact with water, oxygen and other corrosive substances. Conventional corrosion protection systems are not always efficient or flexible. Painting work, in particular, is extremely dependent on the weather conditions on site and requires drying time in addition to surface preparation work and the application of various layers.

    In comparison, the self-adhesive corrosion protection film RENOLIT CP Advanced offers significantly more efficient and reliable protection. It is not necessary to apply a primer, nor do drying phases have to be maintained, so that downtime can be reduced to a minimum. What's more, the film is also environmentally friendly. It does not release any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and does not cause any contamination like in the case of dripping paint.

    Regular inspections and maintenance also help to detect and repair corrosion damage at an early stage. Nevertheless, up-to-date, truly effective corrosion protection remains the best option for keeping corrosion in check and maximizing the operating time of the wind turbine.

    Questions about RENOLIT CP Advanced

    How to apply RENOLIT CP Advanced?

    The application of RENOLIT CP Advanced is simple and efficient: First, residual paint and rust spots must be removed, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned. Then, the film can be applied bubble-free using a squeegee right after cleaning the surface without additional primer, as the corrosion protection effect is integrated directly into the film.

    Corrosion protection feature is available immediately without the need for a drying time. The uniform film thickness and the thick adhesive layer enable simple and effective application, even on rough or uneven surfaces.

    How long does it take until the wind turbine is ready for operation again?

    The wind turbine can be put back into operation right after application of RENOLIT CP Advanced.

    Is a specific training course necessary to be able to apply the film?

    Yes, after detailed training and instruction, you can apply the film quickly and easily.

    How thick is the film?

    The thickness of the film is ≥430 μm.

    What color is the film?

    The film is produced in the color RAL 7035 (light grey).

    The color RAL 1023 (traffic yellow) is also available on request.

    How temperature-resistant is the film?

    The film is designed for use in a temperature range between -30 and 70°C.

    At what temperatures can the film be applied?

    The film can be processed at temperatures from 10 to 35 °C.

    At which level of humidity can the film be applied?

    Like conventional coatings, there is no fixed upper limit for air humidity. Instead, it is important to ensure that there is no visible condensation of air humidity on the surface if there are differences between the air and surface temperature.

    Does the RENOLIT CP Advanced corrosion protection film have a certification?

    Yes, the RENOLIT CP Advanced film is certified in accordance with the BAW standard and ISO 12944-9 CX (protection duration: high) and offers long-term corrosion protection of 10 years and more.

    CX represents the highest corrosivity category. This means that the film even protects steel and metal coatings in areas where the risk of corrosion is extremely high. These include industrial areas with high humidity, a high salt content and a particularly aggressive atmosphere. This makes it the ideal corrosion protection for the offshore wind sector.

    Why is corrosion protection film more environmentally friendly than paint coatings?

    RENOLIT CP Advanced is more environmentally friendly than conventional paint for a number of reasons. Firstly, the application of the film does not release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are harmful to the environment and human health. VOCs are a common problem with paint as they escape into the atmosphere and contribute to air pollution.

    Secondly, with film application there is no risk of paint or other environmentally harmful substances dripping into the sea or soil. This is particularly important for offshore wind turbines, where protection of the marine environment is a priority.

    Thirdly, the film is quick and easy to apply, which greatly reduces the need for extensive surface treatment work and drying phases. This means that less energy and resources are consumed overall to create corrosion protection for wind turbines. Therefore, RENOLIT CP Advanced protects both the environment and the health of the people applying the corrosion protection on site.

    Is the film UV-resistant?

    Yes, RENOLIT CP Advanced is highly UV-resistant. The film has been specially developed to withstand the extreme conditions in onshore and especially offshore environment, including intense UV radiation. The UV resistance has been proven by extensive tests, such as the 15,000 hour xenon test in accordance with ISO 4892-2.

    These tests ensure that the film maintains its protective properties even after many years of exposure to sunlight and does not degrade. As a result, RENOLIT CP Advanced offers reliable long-term protection for your wind turbines.

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