The new exterior solution.

    RENOLIT EXOFOL FPX is a new generation of high-performance films. It has a unique multi-layer construction that is all acrylic – PMMA. The makeup of RENOLIT EXOFOL FPX allows it to perform extremely well against the elements.

    The solid color PMMA base film is produced using RENOLITS well known Solar Shield Technology (SST). SST utilizes highly stable IR reflective pigments. This means the film has a low heat build-up rating that will keep your whole laminated system stable. 
    The transparent PMMA top layer protects against UV and provides long-lasting gloss retention. These combined strengths ensure RENOLIT EXOFOL FPX is a very stable and long-term exterior film solution. The warranty for RENOLIT EXOFOL FPX is up to 20 years in the North American market. And PMMA can be recycled.      



    Film structure

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