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RENOLIT Repair Training

    Become a repair pro with training from the film experts

    Visitors from United States / Canada please follow this link

    The professional and inexpensive training programme offered by the RENOLIT Film Service provides you and your employees with the necessary expertise to repair all types of film damage, in 6 easy steps.
    The programme familiarises you with the required tools, the RENOLIT repair films and the appropriate procedures. As an authorised film repair specialist you can then order our repair film and carry out repairs yourself.

    Get the know-how: 6 steps to a successful repair



    Download icon RENOLIT Film Service
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    Download icon RENOLIT Slitting Service
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    Download icon RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Cleaner
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    Download icon RENOLIT EXOFOL Professional Corner Pen
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    Technical information

    Download icon Trained Professional Companies for Repair Films RENOLIT EXOFOL
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