Basins and Reservoirs


    Basins are built all over the world for various reasons, but in general the main objective is to capture and conserve water. This type of constructions are frequently built in areas with porous underground, so water can disappear through the ground or through the side walls. A very effective method to avoid loss of water is the installation of waterproofing membranes.
    RENOLIT proposes adapted geomembranes for this application. Thanks to their flexibility and chemical resistance, Our wide range of Alkorplan geomembranes can be used in all type of constructions, with any kind of substrate (concrete, earth, rock excavation…) and to store liquids of different nature. Geomembranes not only function as waterproofing but also as a protective layer to avoid contamination of the substructure. 

    Our experiences with basins:

    • Ornamental lakes, constructed wetlands and garden ponds
    • Basins linked to power production, pumped storage
    • Protection, collection and conservation of (drinking) water
    • Aquaculture (Fish friendly)
    • Irrigation reservoirs and agricultural works
    • Storage of manure
    • Retention basins of hydrocarbons after an accident, secondary containment, road retention ponds
    • Fire protection reservoirs
    • Storm water reservoirs
    • Mining waste containment

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